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  1. Guys there are two fuel tanks for the A-10, the F-111 tank, and the sergeant Fletcher (SF) tank. Both are 600 gallon but the F-111 tank is about 6“ longer and the SF is fatter to hold the same amount of fuel being 6“ shorter. The fins on the SF are shaped a little different than the F-111 and only about 700 SF tanks were built, one for each aircraft at the time . The reason there are two tanks is when the A-10 came into service they (the AF) didn’t want to wait for an A-10 specific tank to be designed and built so they used the F-111. I mean there were thousands of F-111 tanks around and only
  2. I'm not pissed just other project to do and this one seens to be passed needing my help. Deadman if you ever need me on any other A-10 projects just let me know and I'll be there.
  3. Guess you guys don't need me anymore, I'm outa here....
  4. Yeniceri, the picture below is the best shot I can find of the slats extended, the damage is from a bird-strike. As I said the slat is solid but comforms to the wing when retracted. Yes, you can see sky when the slat is extended if viewed from the right angle. The square holes are cooling vents for the avionics bays and are on all A-10s both the A and C models. There are small fans inside which pull air in when the aircraft is on the ground but, when the gear retracts the fans shut-off and by-pass air pulls the heat out of the bays. Zaule, like Deadman said the gun gass are not as
  5. Guys, I don’t want to cause any turbulence in your community and I just was just offering to help where I could, If I had known about your project a few weeks ago I would have been here sooner but, I didn’t know so was unaware of the updates being done. That being said I think Yeniceri and the beta have done a great job with the model and I’m sure the Lock 0n community will be very happy with your guys work. I’m still happy to help where I can with either answering questions about the model, the real A-10 itself, or with the skinning effort. So towards that effort here’s the answers to the
  6. Hi everyone, Deadman invited me over to give some inputs on you guys A-10 upgrades. Hey it's looking GREAT so far, Yeni you have done some great work on the old Hawg model! I posted some comments (Deadman) in the PM section and will try to get to the other questions when time allows. I don't have much free time but, I will try to stop-in every day or so to answer any question(s) I can on the A-10. Long live the A-10 Thunderbolt II "Warthog"!
  7. Cosmonaut, I downloaded the file because I would like to see it also but, can't open a rar file....what is that and what program do I need to view it??
  8. http://www.warthogpen.com/wall_of_fame.html
  9. All are coming from the 104th Mass ANG.
  10. Thought you guys might like to see the markings on the newest A-10 unit, the 188th "Flying Razorbacks" out of Fort Smith.... http://www.warthogpen.com/razorbacks.html No these are not new A-10s they are the first to move because of BRAC closing some units and opening, or adding to, others.
  11. I'm sorry to say I was only a technical advisor so had nothing to do with the 3D model itself. I haven't heard anything from Lofi or Deadman in a while so I'm guessing the project is dead.
  12. Hitman is right about the chrome, they are only chromed on the stateside demo jets out of Pope AFB NC. and DM AZ. Aeroscout, all the A-10As will be converted into A-10Cs. What state are you from...I can tell if if BRAC is closing or realigning your base.
  13. I know how much you guys like to video and photograph aircraft so here’s a short video of someone catching an A-10 on take-off I think you may like… http://www.warthogpen.com/video_clip_files/A_10_close.wmv
  14. Swingkid, sorry you're asking questions outside my field, I have not studied weapons that indepth, I know just enough to get me in trouble.
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