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  1. Well with the latest patch you can now see the super carrier deck crew with both eyes.
  2. I do know one thing for sure though if you were in a continuous bank for 20 minutes then the SAI would most definitely think of THAT bank as level. It’s a Gyro and it drifts like any other gyro. It uses gravity to tell itself which way is down. So if you were in a bank and Pulling lights G for 20 minutes it would re-define gravity. Does that make sense? It’s the same thing with a gyrocompass how you have to reset it every 10 or 15 minutes because it drifts. You don’t have to do that with a standby attitude indicator because it uses gravity for that function. This only happens with standby syst
  3. I have the HP Reverb G1 rev 2 headset in excellent condition with two controllers. The controllers have never been used and the headset has always been covered when not in use. The lenses are perfect. No scratches and no damage. I baby my hardware! I have the original box so it packs away nicely. If you’re looking to get into VR and you are interested in simulators this headset is one of the best! The resolution and clarity are unmatched. $350. I am in the “good trader” thread over at SimHQ several times. I can ship from Pennsylvania. SOLD
  4. After you turn the knob to the ground position wait like 20 seconds. For some reason there’s a small delay. When you see the timer starting to rise THEN select the button on the HSI for stored heading.
  5. Thanks for the answer. That makes a lot more sense. Otherwise map mode isn’t very useful at all. Well I guess that’s not true. If you know exactly where the targets are going to be located then it works I guess.
  6. Radar bug when switching from ground radar to air to air If you are in one of the EXP modes while using ground radar and you switch to air to air mode with a missile key you lose the ability to change the range on the radar. The arrow keys are simply not there. They’re not there in the EXP mode (normal) with the ground radar but they do not re-populate when you switch directly to air to air.
  7. I went onto a server where I know there’s a group of five vehicles traveling up and down a coastal road for about 20 miles. I searched patiently with the air to ground radar for about 30 minutes. I used all 3 EXP levels but I simply could not find them among the ground clutter. I played with the brightness and the contrast but there is just too many returns with all the buildings. Unless you’re looking for vehicles out in the middle of the desert all alone it’s going to be really hard to find them. Does the real hornet have a mode that only shows moving vehicles on the radar? Like a GMT mode?
  8. Something changed in the last patch. I have “stereo_mode_use_shared_parser set to true” in my config and now I see Super carrier crew with both eyes!
  9. Could you please explain maybe it would help other people that have an unexplainable stutter
  10. Can we ground lock a moving vehicle with this latest update with the F18? Can we slave the pod to said ground lock?
  11. HP Reverb But I’m trying to sell that one. Ordered a HP Reverb G2
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