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  1. It was suggested I make a pilot to go with my skins so here is a WIP Canadian pilot skin for DCS:A-10C, I changed a bunch of stuff to more accurately represent the Canadian OD Green flight suit colour (you can see the difference when looking at the knees and arms compared to the G-suit/vest), larger arm pocket with pen holders, brown flying gloves (I have a pair! :thumbsup:) and appropriate patches. Using the internet and GIMP I created some LVG patches, including a fake Canadian A-10C shoulder patch. This plus GIMP's colourize feature equals this and a lot of cut and paste equals this These patches plus an OD Canada Flag equals this Looks like I have to trim the velcro under the flag a bit. Was having so much fun I thought you'd all like to see a demotivational poster I made with a shot of my dog... who didn't want to smile on picture day. :-P Now the only problem is the pilot in the aircraft is a different model/skin than the one who walks around after ejecting... I'm still looking for that guy :) ...Oh, and there is only one pilot bitmap so once you go Canuck you never go back ;) Maybe ED could make it that we could choose pilot skins on the loadout page like we choose aircraft skins? <HINT> Stay Tuned...
  2. Ok, this one is basically done, until I figure out how to get the serial generator to work here it is with a static serial. Canadian Forces aircraft use a 6 digit serial number, the first three are type specific and the last three are individual aircraft specific. Sometimes the first three are a bastardized version of the original type number, ie. "104" for the Starfighter, "188" for the Hornet, "177" for the C-17, etc.. This posed a problem for the A-10, as "100" and "110" were already used by other types so I went with a (so far) unused type number - 159. For the last three I chose 410, as it's a 410 squadron skin. The font used for the numbering is authentic. Going to reskin the pilot figure in a Canadian OD Green suit.
  3. Fixed the false canopy problem, that bit is on template "c". Tried reversing the tail section colours:
  4. Ok, anybody know where THIS part of the false canopy is? I've changed the colour to the CAF version used by the Hornet false canopy, but I can't find the last bit of texture on any of the templates... HELP!
  5. Here's a fictional CAF paint scheme for the A-10C, featuring tail art for No. 410 "Cougar" Squadron. Based on one of the two-tone Low Vis schemes used by the CF-18 over the years, this skin uses Canadian camo colours and marking styles. Working on a couple of things still, like the aircraft serial numbers. The CAF display the last three digits of the serial number on the opposite wing to the nationality marking. I don't think I can do this in DCS:A-10C, so I'll have to use just tail numbers (and maybe the last three on the nose). Also planning to "Canuckify" some of the stencilling to look more authentic, the CAF use a lot international symbology (probably due to bilingualism) rather than text based stencils, a good example is the use of a boot print with an X through it rather than the english "NO STEP".
  6. Hi guys, With the A-10C template just released by ED I should have something ready this week! Already have my markings layers ready, and with the new template I can go ahead and change the paint to Canadian camo colours too. Based on the two tone low vis scheme in use by our Hornets: NOTE: Only the forward section of the aircraft has been done in this pic. You can see the colour variation between the new colours and the stock USAF greys where the black CANADA wordmark is painted. I still have to figure out how the numbering system works in this sim so I can (hopefully) add CAF-style serials.
  7. So, this is actually how it is in RL, or is this a bug? Seems to me that it shouldn't keep triggering if the oil press is always below the red line during any windmilling of the engine, only if the oil press rises above the top of the red and then falls below it again?
  8. You and me both FLIM, nice video! I'm jealous! I've logged just over a hundred hours in this one over the past 15 years (it's a rental :)), nice to give the yaw dampered feet a workout after flying jets at work. Just as addictive as heroin but without the health side effects ;)
  9. Sorry for the lack of updates, life has been busy lately between work and Christmas. I've got a couple of days off this week so I'll probably get back at it.
  10. Agree with Slammin 100%. (Ok, 99%, see edit below ;)) I love my TM Warthog, it's head and shoulders above the stock Cougar and IMO the best controller available on the market today. The stick grip is a work of art, it's what the Cougar grip should have been. The throttle unit is also great, no "sticktion" at all, smoooth. Despite the huge improvement over the last offering, I still prefer the action of my Uber2 modded Cougar stick base for certain tasks. While it's true that there are no transition "flats" as you go through the X and Y axes with the Warthog stick, there is a definite "divot" right at the center point that is distracting after using an Uber2 mod for so long. Flying a jet sim with the TM Warthog is not really an issue while maneuvering but if flying on instruments or making very minor flight path corrections you do have to get past the "divot" and it's enough to be a bit annoying. Not realistic feel at all when compared to actual 'stick and rudder' aircraft, and it's the only shortcoming I've found with the WH. Edit: BTW, my WH stick grip works perfectly with my Uber2 Cougar base, with the exception of the H4 push function (as advertised).
  11. Yup, I've got it too. Don't know about 3-5 degrees but only noticeable when using S1. Just got it today, still experimenting.
  12. I live in Canada and even I'm getting a little bored of all the release whining. I had to wait 2 months for anybody up here to stock the iPhone 4 after it had already been released in the US. TM's based in France, why wouldn't the euros get theirs first? Does Apple send their newest gizmo to every country on earth ahead of time so we can all get 'it' on a global release day? Yeah... riiiiiight... If you remember, the Cougar release was the same way ten years ago, and the MFD release was as well. The only mistake I made this time was I didn't order from SimWare like I did with my Cougar back in 2001.
  13. The Cougar launch was the same.
  14. I've had problems at Nellis too. After smooth touchdowns rolling out down the runway and for no reason -BANG- a main gear collapses. :-/
  15. +2 ;) Well.......????????? You Likey?
  16. After ten years it's time to put the cat out ;) This little piggy will get a good home. I've never owned a Saitek stick, only CH and TM so I can't compare. I did look hard at the Pro pedals but ended up going with the Simpeds to plug into my Cougar. Now I'll have to keep the Cougar around to use the Simpeds! Couldn't live without my TIR 5!
  17. SCSimulations.com 499USD + 25USD shipping to Canada = about 536CAD. Ten years ago I bought a Cougar for 250USD and the exchange rate was such that it cost me almost 500CAD with shipping and duty and taxes. Back then a Canadian dollar was worth about 66 cents US, now it's worth about 98. An extra 40 bucks this time gets me twice the controller the Cougar was. ;) I'll let you know what Canada Customs says...
  18. LOL, I hate those cards... "Even though you're home now, you weren't here an hour ago when we stopped by so now you'll have to wait at least 24 hours before you can pick it up from us"...
  19. You know, if the part we are talking about is attached via the screws you see on the stick base, and it's a circular piece, it may be as easy as drilling some more holes in it, offset 15 degrees to the left of the originals...
  20. I don't the think the limits are octagonal, they just 'feel' octagonal. The Cougar is like that too, something to do with the diameter of the stick shaft being different than the inside diameter of the rounded corners of the aperture.
  21. The problem is how the stick will react at full travel. It will depend on how the calibration interprets the physical limit when out of the basic 360-180 and 90-270 lines of movement. Look at the pics again, imagine you apply full aileron in one direction and then, while holding the roll input, start adding elevator in either direction. With the stick rotated you will end up rolling less or more depending on which way you add the pitch because the limit the stick is resting against is slanted, not straight fore and aft. If you shove the nose down you start rolling faster, if you raise the nose the roll decreases. Same goes with adding pitch first, at full elevator travel adding a roll input either way from wings level will change the amount of elevator input, left equals more, right equals less. I may be wrong on "more" being added if the software doesn't "see" anything larger than the range of travel along Axes' zero lines based on original calibration. But best case you will still see "less" elevator travel as the stick is moved right of center from the 180 postion for example. See below: Based on a simple front/back, left/right stick movement along the axes' zero lines to calibrate the software, the green box represents what the software thinks the range of travel is. That's what it would look like in an unrotated stick. But because the "box" is now skewed, who knows how the software will react at the corners? You will definitely see something wrong where I've shaded the black bits. And this is not yet considering how goofy it will physically feel when moving the stick at it's limits and feeling it moving obliquely instead of side to side and fore and aft. Bwaze: BINGO! Can't believe I didn't think of just changing the plastic aperature. Guess I'm used to thinking like a Cougar owner and about metal and CNC machines ;) Heck, even I could make a new limiter with the tools I have around the house. I'm going to ask Joe from SimHQ about taking some pics of what this thing looks like.
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