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  1. Aw shucks, Rick ... ...and yes, we need a 104 in DCS!!!
  2. Have you tried running a repair on your DCS installation? https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/709/
  3. It looks like the game is putting the wrong object on the wingtip. Can you send a better pic of the object? Besides an update/repair of your specific game installation you could ask VSN about it. Skin files won’t affect how objects are placed, only what the object texture will look like.
  4. Yes, we can only hope. I too want to feel the power of BLC being the difference between living and dying.
  5. Yup... Nono, I mean a T-33, not a TF-104
  6. First two SEA Camo skins available in first post.
  7. Well, that’s exciting! Soulfreak, could we expect a stretch job and second seat for the F-80C model? Only a billion T-33 skins out there waiting to happen
  8. F-104C hacks "Snoopy Sniper" and "Smoke II" uploaded and awaiting approval. Common Textures folder has been updated to include new shared Camo textures and can be (re)downloaded and installed now.
  9. And? Annnnd? Looks like open season on Republic products. Hope there will be a swept-wing version as well!
  10. There will be a fairly large update to the Common Textures folder with the release of the Camo skins. Changes will obviously include the new tanks and pylons camo textures. The big change will be that each camo skin probably won't have to have the center fuselage portion, as it should be the same for all liveries. It will be included in the Common Textures folder instead, with the result that the individual camo skin files should be smaller.
  11. Some F-104C hacks, Udorn RTAFB 57-923, "Hellooo Dolly" 57-925, "Smoke II"
  12. Yes, you will need the Common Textures folder, it contains various shared textures that all my F-104 skins use. This is why you are getting that mosaic effect on the model, it can't find certain textures that are missing.
  13. Hi navyBtown, Mizzy has it right, drop the Common Textures into the same folder you are putting each skin folder into, don't put it into the individual skin folder! Should look something like the pic. In the same folder as all of the skins are installed into, NOT in the skin folders themselves.
  14. Pitot tube fixed Yeah, the underside colour will be "irregular" - wavy but not a repeating pattern of symmetrical waves, the Puerto Rican F-104 photo you posted is a good example.
  15. First post updated to include CF-104 104783, in the final home based markings scheme, before the Starfighter was phased out with the arrival of the CF-18.
  16. Underside camo grey demarcation needs to be lowered to about where radome has it, and then a bit of light wave action...
  17. Ah, the Cosmo... never got a ride in one of those but I rode Air Ontario's old CV580s a few times before everybody and their mother started using Dash-8s for short haul trips. Some Canadian markings trivia, the Cosmopolitan and at least one other type (maybe Yukon?) wore red on red nationality markings for a short period. I think the theory was that since blue was no longer a "national" colour with the red and white maple leaf flag replacing the Ensign, the nationality markings should therefore mimic the new flag. Maybe the powers that were decided that at long distances these markings would be confused with Danish markings or something, because the change never stuck.
  18. First post updated with download links to newest skins: CF-104 104750, Canadian Armed Forces shadow titles CF-104 12703, RCAF Station Marville, France F-104 57-0914, 435th TFS, George AFB (Star Trek)
  19. I was an Air Cadet in the 1980s, rode around on those lightning bolt Hercs (and the 707 to Cold Lake one summer). Still the finest markings scheme those airplanes had, IMO, although not overly tactical. Never liked the switch to the Canada word mark with those corporate style National Defense logos, made our military look like a branch of the post office... but I digress. Got to sit in a 104 in Baden in the early 80s when we visited my base brat cousins. Wish I’d noted the buzz number. Never got to hear the J79 howl but could hear a gun test happening wherever the butts were on the base. My uncle flew out of Baden during the week but he went home weekends to Lahr, where my aunt and cousins lived, better infrastructure/schools there, I guess. First German words my cousins learned in school were the swear words (like the first Dutch words they learned during a previous posting to the Netherlands)
  20. Doing the camo stencils, hard to see... not a lot of high rez colour pics taken of 104s at Udorn. Also starting to weather it, as best as I can do. Faded paint, spray touch-ups, exposed screw heads, etc. My hat's off to the people who actually make templates for a living!
  21. It’s been submitted, but due to the Russian Christmas break there might be delays getting things approved for the next week or so.
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