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  1. Aw shucks, Rick ... ...and yes, we need a 104 in DCS!!!
  2. Have you tried running a repair on your DCS installation? https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/709/
  3. It looks like the game is putting the wrong object on the wingtip. Can you send a better pic of the object? Besides an update/repair of your specific game installation you could ask VSN about it. Skin files won’t affect how objects are placed, only what the object texture will look like.
  4. Yes, we can only hope. I too want to feel the power of BLC being the difference between living and dying.
  5. Yup... Nono, I mean a T-33, not a TF-104
  6. First two SEA Camo skins available in first post.
  7. Well, that’s exciting! Soulfreak, could we expect a stretch job and second seat for the F-80C model? Only a billion T-33 skins out there waiting to happen
  8. F-104C hacks "Snoopy Sniper" and "Smoke II" uploaded and awaiting approval. Common Textures folder has been updated to include new shared Camo textures and can be (re)downloaded and installed now.
  9. And? Annnnd? Looks like open season on Republic products. Hope there will be a swept-wing version as well!
  10. There will be a fairly large update to the Common Textures folder with the release of the Camo skins. Changes will obviously include the new tanks and pylons camo textures. The big change will be that each camo skin probably won't have to have the center fuselage portion, as it should be the same for all liveries. It will be included in the Common Textures folder instead, with the result that the individual camo skin files should be smaller.
  11. Some F-104C hacks, Udorn RTAFB 57-923, "Hellooo Dolly" 57-925, "Smoke II"
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