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  1. I have the G2 and in the WMR for SteamVR settings, you can set this to help your periphery with MSAA off. This is how I play. 1. None for SteamVR homebrew headsets as they control Motion smoothing alot better 2.Pimax - I do not own
  2. Only one direction (Opening) is mapped to button action on joystick or throttle "Canopy Closing", the keyboard action works fine. Throttle: VPL CM-50 v2 Stick: VKB Gunfighter MK iii
  3. I usually do a realign in flight after takeoff
  4. The FAQ does have all this info, but here you go.
  5. try a re-alignment sometimes that stops the drifting for me, so realign HMCS after turning on DL
  6. @Flappieis there an update on NVG fix with no moonlight?
  7. I went with the Asus Strix 24G but I had the water block version due to custom loop. But to be honest, the most stable was Asus . I have two in two systems Asus and Gigabyte and the gigabyte one gives me periodic lag whenever windows 10 changes the wall paper in the background. the Asus one does not do that.
  8. do you have this set? just a little patience and reading the manual will reveal all there is to know.
  9. To add to this mission 5 the weather is not updated to 2.7 clouds
  10. We need deeper support for VR on a whole TBH!
  11. @BIGNEWY any updates on this topic? He posted the screenshots.
  12. Playing in VR after Finishing a mission it takes approx. 1-2 minutes to load the debrief menu OB - https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/changelog/openbeta/ dcs.log.old
  13. Thank you, I see the notes and didn't understand it explanation was vague
  14. When doing the JHMCS alignment and continue to fine alignment, after adjusting the FA DX/DY , the FA ROLL does not appear once you TDC Depress. It did work prior to the latest DCS Open Beta
  15. PIN TO TASKBAR AFTER OPENING C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MixedRealityVRDriver\bin\win64\OpenVRSettingsUX.exe or wherever you install steam
  16. it tilted out of nowhere yesterday for me as well how ever, I had to add some more lighting around my room to get it back to tracking correctly. Not sure if the latest steam VR beta 1.19.4 is the issue. It started happening after that update.
  17. It's funny watching him hustle to get everything under control WHILE trying to do BFM. I love it. I do the same thing in VR and my wife laughs at me all the time
  18. Lol, no that is frame drops per 60 seconds anyway I gave windows MR a re-install and Clean Nvidia drivers and it fixed the dropped frames.
  19. in any external view with more than normal volume of clouds there are massive frame drops (approx. 120/60 sec). Monitored using fpsVR. Any mission with clickable cockpit and higher than normal CPU load 11900K +3090 water-cooled system. -------------------- in game res px 1.0 Steam RES 150% settings ------- high high off high high off high ----- cloud : any setting all others off
  20. no, All I see from watching after I land is the remaining wing men are trying to find a way to position over the last waypoint to get into landing position. In turn, the fly in circles above the runway until they are out of fuel then eject. I notice the objects are shifted in the world and end up on the taxi way. I fixed those in mission editor but still do not understand why the AI cannot land.
  21. Some how every time the AI gets back to the airfield they are struggling to land. This gets to the point where they run out of fuel and crash.
  22. The third ship from the f14 squadron goes straight to landing and with that I cannot progress past this mission as that plane has to die before the mission success comes up.
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