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  1. I will check, and upload the tacview, for sure at start it is stop, but you ask it to put towards the wind and starts running.
  2. When pressing F10 and indicate to the carrier run into wind solves the problem. The carrier starts to move and everything is fine, same when going to land.
  3. Finally it works, this is a great stuff, very cool. The war scenary is very well built as a first glance looks very realistic, CAPs where they should be, at the altitude and speed (loiter) for endurance, SAMs arrangement. I see the carrier stopped, do not know why. ATO well built, with sense. All in all very cool stuff. I will report more things if you do not mind. And by the way, the support from Miguel has been amazing, very well driven and great dedicated support, I and my squadron are very grateful to him. Guys enjoy with it, we have paid for stuff with
  4. I guess is a bug linked to alignment, were you on IFA or NAV?, to me always happens on NAV when cold start on the carrier. also if you try CCIP the pipper is also with a extreme deviaiton, probably a bug.
  5. great!, more than welcome anytime, we can organize something in English, maybe one of your campaigns in COOP mode (don't know how to do it). When we organize something I will MP you, no compromise. Sorry for the offtopic. I will check the installer this evening.
  6. really?!, amazing!, thanks I will test it when I come back home!!! Thanks Miguel!, by the way you are more than welcome to fly in my squadron (www.escuadron111.com), the oldest in Spain.
  7. Thanks for answering, about OvGME I have created the Mod folder (empty) and it seems it work, but I do not know what shall I do once I run OvGME, shall I put something inside Mod folder? about the DCE installer, I run as admin and yes I have MyDocuments folder also...
  8. Thanks, but I am not able to make it run, I have the correct link to every folder, but I am admin and appear that cannot get access to ..\documents\DCE_installer\options.txt and when I run firstmission.bat appears that the system cannot find the specified path...the strange thing is that appears DCE in DCS and I can select the campaign and start it. and also appears the error message when exiting the mission indicated in FAQ in the pdf. I do not know what to do.
  9. Dear all, thanks for this it is awesome, I appreciate a lot, but for me it is not intuitive how to make it work. I have read the pdf attached on the campaigns, but I guess I am not doing it correctly, when I click in install button in the DCE.exe appears an error message about not able to write .txt file..., and I also do not know how and when to apply OcGME, also the browse indicated I am not sure if it is talking about DCS inslall in program files or in saved games folder. Another question, is possible to play coop mode?, I mean can I run in multiplayer with human win
  10. yeah!!!!, please keep such realism, not needed a big bunch of aircraft and missiles flying around, real life is more tactical than hollywood, real combat ordnance is not 6xAIM54, and come back home with 5 AA kills...real life is more tension and take the correct decissions, and also some "boring" CAPs, relief back to tanker, back to CAP... Keep it as Reforger. Awesome dude!, keep the style
  11. it should be better by number assigned by the computer or BRA the selection, maybe the closest is no factor and you want to engage another one that is behind or whatever. So the human select to Jester the contact that wants to fire according to the computer number assigned.
  12. In the hornet you keep in IFA all time after alignment. With that there is no problem, problem appears when there is no IFA in the hornet
  13. but the behaviour is weird, because it is well alligned, and during navigation and everythign is ok, and even you can fired something, and after a while appears such drift in CCRP and TGP, even if the target is designated in the waypoint.
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