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  1. Wags, does that mean that each mission must be manually created before the campaign is started (so that you have to define all the possible branches of the campaign), or is it possible that the campaign engine may create a mission on the fly based on the result of the completed mission?
  2. It's always nice to have something to look forward to. I'm thinking that the announcement might not have anything to do with Black Shark. However, since it has been confirmed by one of the testers (britgliderpilot), it is most likely BS-related.
  3. Don't be silly, tflash! Wags sent me a PM and told me that the announcement will say that they have decided to convert Black Shark into a 2D point-and-click adventure game instead. He begged me not to tell anyone, so keep this to youself, alright? * Look at cockpit. You are looking at a beautiful 3D cockpit. As the sun reflects off the altimeter and blinds your eyes for a second or two, you curse the developers for deciding on not to make this game any fun. * Use mouse on 3D cockpit. You move your mouse over several buttons in the different instrument panels, but to no avail. You c
  4. Hmm... 8800 is the best card on the market right now, isn't it? Lock On was released in 2003, four years ago, and we can still not run it with all details set to max? I have a low-spec PC myself, so I've never played it with all settings set to max. Maybe I will be upgrading sometime this year...
  5. I'll try to remember that when I come home tomorrow. It sounds like a useful tip :thumbup:
  6. Ha ha ha!! :lol: Is this an side effect from using TrackIR4 too much that I should expect any time soon? :)
  7. I've never flown online, and I believe that the temperature in Hell will decrease by approximately 3 degrees Celcius before that happens. I'm going to be honest with you: I'm pure crap when it comes to flying, mostly due to the fact that I take these long breaks away from the game, and then have to learn most of it over again when I pick it up 4 months later. Right now I can't seem to remember how I configured my X-52 profile. :joystick: Is there some other way in which I can get hold of your profile? It would be interesting to compare it with the one I'm using now. :)
  8. I'm using XP, so I don't think I'll install the 1.12b patch until I feel like I need the changes that it offers.
  9. Argh! I forgot to ask if this TrackIR bug has been fixed in the latest patch (1.12b). I should install it if that is the case. Well, I should probably just install the latest patch anyway...
  10. Ahh, thanks for the tips. I deleted the two ini-files as you suggested, restarted both TrackIR and Flaming Cliffs, and now the Blue LED was on the whole time. Man, is this little technological thing a wonder or what?! I mean, it is cool when you see people using the TrackIR in their home-made videos, but the experience is just awesome when you realize that the sim follows YOUR head movement. Ok, gotta calm down. Breath in and out, in and out. Ahh, blood pressure going from critical to normal level. :D Thanks again for your help. I'm sure that Lock on will be like a new game again. Th
  11. ... and I forgot to add that both the green and blue LEDs are on when I use the menus in Lomac. However, when I click on the FLY button in order to start the training mission, the blue LED is turned off. It never comes back on again while the training mission is running. Should the Blue LED always be on while I'm flying?
  12. Hi, I bought TrackIR 4 from eDimensional but am having some trouble getting it to work inside Lomac. I have version 1.12a installed. I have tried to search in the forums, but I get the impression that all it takes for TrackIR to work inside the game is to run the TrackIR software and then start up Lomac. The first thing I did was to create a profile, which I called LockOn. I assigned the profile to the Lock On: Modern Air Combat title, and made sure that the TrackIR responded to my head movement by selecting View->Heads. It worked fine. I start up Lomac (or Flaming Cliffs if you
  13. YES!! I ordered my TrackIR4 from eDimensional since they ship from the UK, which is much closer to Norway. The package would reach me within 1-3 working days. Perfect. I received an e-mail with a link to a fedex package tracking site, where I could follow it's trip across the North Sea. Wonderful. Now, I just wonder where in the UK is RIVIERA BEACH, FL located. Hmm... The package was dispatched from the US after all, and is currently lying in some post office in Paris, France. Boohoooo!! I will probably not get it until the Easter holiday which starts on Wednesday next week. Well, I'm cr
  14. By the way, I suppose many people are wondering if the stick will be as loose as the X52, or if it will be more "heavy" as the HOTAS or the Suncom F-15E Talon (I owned a Talon before it went to heaven, was very happy with it. Now I have an X52). Most likely, it is too early in the project cycle to say, but maybe you have put some thought into this?
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