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  1. What’s about flying with different wings sweep ? May it maybe better accelerate if I decrease the wing sweep manually in some way? Or is the best way to let it in Auto the whole time ?
  2. @draconus I also saw this post but this was ask for the F14B. Is this also useable for the F14 A even with her different engines ? thanks for all your replies really interressting.
  3. Hello. i still struggle a bit to speed up the A economically. So may you can write me your way. If I fly a CAP mission with 4-Aim54 , 2 AIm 7 , 2 Aim 9 and 2 tanks. i normally start and fly with full military ( to save fuel ) and go in level flight until Mach 0.6. Then I pitch 10degree and climb until 28K feet with Mach 0.6. If I want now to start an attack I accelerate with Full AB , but my problem is it cost dramatically much fuel to reach Mach 0.9 - 1.0 region. Any ideas how I can improve it or speed the A up - how you fly ? any c
  4. Hi it is may only a small issue with the livery , but i can not see the hog on the droptank - is this also seen Or not by other players? Sorry reporting this , but i want at least mentioned it BR Fliegerkalle
  5. Hi all, anybody knows how this works? In new OB Patch (4th nov. 2020) changelog stand this .... Improved JDAM Relative targeting procedure. Now it is possible to do multiple JDAM relative releases anybody can help ?
  6. Internal Sounds and external Sounds are hopefully Not finished
  7. Thx ! But this is what i already did. It works but the coordinates are unprecise. I want to know if there is way to enter more presice Coord. formats like DMS - HDDD° MM′ SS.SS″ or DMM - HDDD° MM.MMM′
  8. Do you entered the exact coordinates from tgp (DMM) ? I am only able to enter the coordinates in format DMS - DDD° MM′ SS. Anybody knows how i can enter in cas Page the coordinates in formats like DMS - HDDD° MM′ SS.SS″ or DMM - HDDD° MM.MMM′ Thx! greetz fliegerkalle
  9. Anybody Knows why the Rockets were removed in newest patch from innern pylons ? Greets FK
  10. Hi all ! My question is, are the current sounds of the JF17 Final ? Especially the external thrust Sound effect in „full Military“ are really quite and sounds generic compared to other modules. Do anybody know something about that topic ? Thanks and greetz! Fliegerkalle :pilotfly:
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