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  1. http://www.pbase.com/cdrhzn/vliegbasis_leeuwarden Please post a comment on the photo site
  2. I think it depends on the quality of the power supply too.
  3. That's really good news Han. Thank you and thank the rest of the dev team from me for the hard work that's being done to fix problems.
  4. Hm. BVR: RAF Nomad, RAF Packman, 169th Mustang, Pilotasso and the others I didn't mention. Bombing: Paulie, Thomp, Daz and Deez.
  5. Just some names: ZZZSpace, BSR Locsta, Glowing Amraam, Silent Eagle, TekaTeka, GG ( but I think he already has one;) ) (Hope I didn't forget anyone)
  6. He didn't say they did a lousy job. He just asked if beta testers did a bad job OR was the game released with knowledge of some of the, by the testers reported, problems.
  7. I think, if they do that, there won't be many people buying version 1.2, cause 1.1 would solve many bugs, but didn't fix them all and brought new bugs too.
  8. Very nice m8. Keep on promoting this nice dutch company.
  9. Hm, pointing out mistakes in the english language to people who are speaking another language is so easy;)
  10. Imo irl the missile uses data-link for a certain phase of the flightpath, when it closes in it uses its own radar only or the reflected radar beam. So in your picture1 I think it is still datalinked and in picture2 it's out of datalink phase and uses its own radar/radar reflections and is mislead by chaff.
  11. So when a missile is launched from a high altitude or low altitude in respect to your aircraft, you will not hear a launch tone?
  12. Seems not to be the case for AI aircraft.
  13. So I don't have to turn off ecm when firing a missile in multiplayer, cause it won't influence my own missile/radar but computer controlled aircraft has to?
  14. I only ask myself why they didn't think of this earlier? Could have saved them a lot of trouble. At the other hand, they will make more money now;)
  15. Hm, apparantly nobody seems to have the answer on this one;)
  16. When I am in F-15 an a Su-27 launches a HOJ shot at me and right after that I turn off ecm for 5 seconds ( hearing the launch warning then) but when I turn ecm on again with a distance of 24 nm from Su I keep hearing the launch warning although I have ecm on again.
  17. AI and human. Thanks for your replies again.
  18. 2. I found out, have ecm profiled to aux1 and trim to hat 1, so I had aux on when trimming. Thanks 3. Sorry again, maybe I am just too lazy 4. It's the R-27ET What do you mean with "Then they're have lack of lock distance in head-to-head target aspect."? 5. I meant that I can hear that I am locked.
  19. <Quote>Originally Posted by 355th_Xantris Don't know if it's normal, but when I am in head on mode in Su-27 I only see the contacts on my hud and not on my MFD. In TWS mode, I see them on both. Another one: I have mapped my trim to the Hat 1 on my X45. Sometimes when I fly in Su-27 and I click three times short after each other to trim down, I suddenly eject and the ejection is defenitely not mapped to that hat. When I recover I can't see my cockpit anymore and look straight into the blue sky. Can see my wings though. When I set labels to off in the optionsscreen and set it global, I get them anyways in campaign mode. Sometimes a missile won't launch. And I have the same problem as Goya, can hear the lock in Su-27 with ecm on too. </Quote> Read my first point. This is what Han ( one of the developers I believe) answered: <Quote> 1. Read the manual 2. Keys mapped in Lock On? Or it is a keyboard emulation? 3. Campaigns are loadeing it's own difficulty settings 4. When? 5. What you must hear you think? </Quote> So according to point one, it should be normal I think.
  20. I have tried it in F-15 against excellent ai Su-27. Just after the Su fired its HOJ shot ( just switched to F6 to watch it just after it turned its ecm off) I turned off my ecm but it still homed in.
  21. If missile is fired at me in HOJ mode by for example an Su-27, when the Su passes burnthrough range and missile didn't hit yet, will it automaticily change from HOJ into normal homing mode ( leading pursuit)?
  22. But after the new install, you will already have a new key with the same name or haven't you? So will renaming the old one overwrite the new one, or am I completely wrong?
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