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  1. Very cool Eight Ball! I didn’t notice because we’re usually on calm seas, lol.
  2. Ok, maybe I did not explain that well. I’ll try again. The platcam view (Lalt+F9) is still built in but has been moved to the LSO platform. When SC is released, or sometime there after, you will see an actual platcam view on the monitor on the LSO platform. Another option if you like the old view. Park your plane on the patio and use F2 cam. Position yourself on or around the 4 wire and look aft. Easy to do with VR or TIR. I thank that’s the only option at the moment. Anybody know of another way?
  3. Last I heard the platcam mods no longer work. SC will have it’s own platcam on the LSO platform (which is why platcam view is now on the LSO platform) but does not currently work on the Stennis.
  4. First off... 1. Do you use Nvidia control panel? 2. What is your DCS VR PD set to? If you’re using OTT, make sure the DCS PD is set to 1.0. Other than those two questions, the only thing that I see for FPS vs. sharpness is AF. AF doesn’t hit FPS too bad but PD does. AF helps a lot with jiggly lines. I would try 16x AF, shadows to flat, and set your OTT PD just below the stutter point. Mine is at 1.2. If you have the Rift S you will only get 40 FPS due to 80hz. 45 FPS is for CV1 @ 90hz. Using ASW at this point is your best option or FPS will bounce around a lot, sometimes ma
  5. Tough situation, shady. Honestly, you’re at the high end of the VR spectrum right now with FPS. The only thing that may help a little is RAM. I went to 32GB and saw a 5-10 FPS jump. Single player 60-80 FPS and MP 40 FPS (ASW required). Looks like your system is good and your settings are in a good range. “I’ve heard” the F-14 is having FPS issues. Cockpit FPS drops. Like Jumpin said, I would give it a few updates and how the F-14 comes along. One thing to try quality wise. I have MSAA at 4x, AF at 16x, and PD set to 1.4. Water low, shadows off, static shadows off, heat blur off,
  6. I promise I’m not trying to be a jerk, honest question. Where are your settings, DeTesla? I ask because you are running minimum specs for VR. If your settings are medium or higher, you’re probably going to have some performance issues... Any MSAA or shadows?
  7. I would have to say the GPU because you’re in VR. Minimum VR specs say 3+ GHz CPU, which you have, and a GTX 1070, which has 8 GB ram. 980ti is only 6 GB. Because of VR, your GPU has to process for two screens. Which GPU is up to your wallet. Looks like you can get a 1080Ti for $400-500 or a 2070 super for $500-600. IMHO, with the recent updates and changes to cpu/GPU usage, I might wait a little bit to see where this is all going if you can.
  8. No worries, Brodie. Glad I could help.
  9. As a fellow Rift S user, I have not seen this problem unless I take my headset completely off for more than 5-10 seconds. Just lifting it to my forehead doesn’t make it recenter because it still thinks it’s on me. A quick fix for that is to remove the rubber nose piece. There is enough room to see down through it to see the keyboard or whatever you need to look at. Not at my rig now but I think there is a recenter setting in oculus home? Will confirm when I get a chance. I would also take a quick glance at the recenter key binding in settings to make sure it’s not double bound...
  10. Please keep an eye on our newsletters and patch notes. We are planning an update this week for open beta, if all goes well we will publish patch notes with any changes made. Thanks __________________ BIGNEWY Community Manager Eagle Dynamics Posted 3 hours ago in another thread...
  11. That’s impressive that you can stay that close for that long! I would be a little uneasy being that close because 1) you have less time to react to his movements and 2) if you kill him being so close your plane may be damaged by pieces of his plane hitting you. I think the collision warning “x” displays at 500 ft. Can anyone confirm?
  12. IMO, F-18. I own both and the F-16 is a great fighter and a blast to fly, but... Unless you are part of the group of people that want the F-16 hook to work so they can land on carriers (yeah...), the F-18 has more flying options available, meaning carrier ops. Nothing like getting together with your friends and attempting a Case III landing in a storm. Literally shaking afterwards. In terms of reading startup procedures, you can kind of see through the HMD nose piece. Another option to learn, you can setup your knee board in the F10 menu to have the startup checklist. That way you can
  13. Valid question. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an aircraft pointed outward for elevator transfers. A/c’s are usually pointed toward center beam for elevator transfers for easier tractor hookup. Are we going to have the ability to “drive” below deck? Or will the a/c be prepositioned on the elevator for us? Not sure we’re at the point of a fully functional hanger deck. Maybe in the future? Hmmmm... SME’s?
  14. FYI, “As pilots complete or drop out of the training program we open slots. So, we are opening 4 F-18 slots for the North American side of the wing VMFA-115 Two seats have been filled, so we are down to: 2 - F18 pilots North America. 0 - F18 pilots Europe Training can take up to 3 months, or as little as 2 weeks. It depends on your current skill level and commitment to fly. Click here and then recruitment. https://forum.vcaw1.com/ If anybody is interested... __________________
  15. Define experienced, lol. I have only been flying DCS for about 7 months but, and thankfully, I have had the time to study and train a lot. I generally fly 3-5 hours a day. I am still learning new things every day. Currently going through CV and F/A- 18 NATOPS manuals. So much information. So I guess it comes down to what you want to do? Are you looking join a good squadron, cold start, run a 3-4 hour mission, and RTB during a storm at night? (Case III Landing). Or do you just want to jump on a PvP and dogfight for an hour when you have the time? I would keep an eye on the squadron
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