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  1. I had a feeling I'd seen it somewhere before.
  2. Logitech G35's by any chance? Would be comforting to know that it sounds nice through them seeing as I've still yet to get the patch. If so, how is the bass ( especially on the cannon )?
  3. Maybe, but it might not work well in this sim. There is no way the sim can tell what your eyes are focused on so it will more than likely blur things that you need to see. For example I can't see them applying DOF over the gauges or on the outside of the pit. One place I can see it working well though is using the F7 view since the vehicle is always central, might even work in the F2 & F3 views also and even in the free cam view when you lock a vehicle or aircraft, that would put a smile on movie makers faces.
  4. GAU-8 doesn't have tracer rounds as far as I'm aware.
  5. I never knew there was a DirectX 11 build in the works. I suppose we could benefit from the better multi-threading that DirectX 11 has. I've noticed, even on my budget Dx11 card that 90% of games run better in Dx11 providing you turn off Enhanced DOF and Tesselation.
  6. Yep, the rounds are supersonic so you will be dead before you hear the actual gun fire. Take this video for example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuYmn_xYB78. There is an 8 second delay between the rounds hitting and the gun being heard. Starts at 22 seconds by the way.
  7. He said so in his original post. I also think it may be resolved now.
  8. Right CTRL + Pause should display your framerate so you can see what's going on, I recommend you cap your frame rate at 30 in the graphics.cfg, inputting 29 actually gives you a 30 fps cap inside the sim. Just like sobek I'm unsure if vsync works in Black Shark since it's been a long time since I've flown it.
  9. Should be Right CTRL + Enter. Thanks for the correction paulrkiii, I didn't know that.
  10. If I remember correctly all that does is transfer the brakes from using the Left Hydraulic system to the Right ( or was it the other way round? ) in case you loose one.
  11. :lol: Maybe it is modelled then, I have no idea. Sounds to me like you were just extremely unlucky that day. :joystick:
  12. Wing's don't usually just break unless your severely overloading them so I don't think that was a failure. I usually only get CADC, GCAS and HUD failures. Believe it or not with birds set at 100% and probably over 150 hours of flying I've never had a bird strike. They used to be pretty common back in FC2. The birds are probably too scared of receiving a swift burst from the GAU.
  13. Sinky


    You are correct, I remember reading that somewhere. Sometimes I wonder if I even have a brain :music_whistling:.
  14. Sinky


    I've never used it but I assume TacView takes a regular track file that you have saved. You should find your tracks here 'C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Saved Games\DCS Warthog\Tracks'.
  15. You can use the in-game AVI Recorder which will render at any FPS you desire. The problem with using this at the moment is it records from a track and as you know the tracks can be buggy. This is why we have the movies folder.
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