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  1. Interesting, i have ordered shortly after the new preorder process (website) was possible, but got no confirmation e-mail or something else. Also tried to contact operations@pointctrl.com but no response and my spam folder was empty too. Is there a chance to check if my preorder was valid?
  2. Same for me, i had to switch back to WMR stable and everything went back to normal.
  3. I made the exact same observation. My performance issues are occurring above or in crowded areas. Everywhere else it's "ok". I've tried almost every workaround but still haven't found a solution. The different settings doesn't really have a positive (and negative) effect. At the moment my settings are below my settings before the update, but the fps are still worse. With 3090, 5900X, SSD, 64 GB this is really annoying
  4. I have the exact same annoying behaviour with similiar specs: 5900X, 3090, 64Gb, SSD. CPU Frametime 7-8ms, GPU Frametime 15-16ms -> fps fluctuation between 39-45fps and a lot of stuttering. Before 2.7 there were no problems and now the performance is really messed up
  5. I am not really sure if it was a VRAM problem, but with the 6900XT and the 3090 the problems were gone immediately. Multiplayer now works without problems and most importantly I am no longer afraid to open the f10 map. With the 3080 I had several problems (reverb bluescreens, SteamVR crashes, ...) as discussed in the other thread. In my opinion, something strange was going on with the VRAM usage of the 3080. But maybe it's just a driver problem or something else.
  6. Maybe interesting for some, because I have tested the 3080, 6900XT and the 3090 with DCS too. My 3080 kept crashing, so I was looking for an alternative. I was most excited about the 6900XT, but I have to say that when I tested it, I was really disappointed. My own benchmarks weren't really much better than my 3080 and the "feel" (and fps, ms,..) in DCS was the same. The card that ended up staying in my PC is the 3090. First DCS run with it and I was grinning like a kid. It's interesting that it might just be a driver problem, but for now I'm really happy with the 3090. Even if it is overprice
  7. Same Problems for me. Ryzen 5900X, RTX 3080, 32GB Ram, Windows 20H2 and Reverb G1. Playing Syria Map is some sort of lottery. Before the crash it often loses tracking as well and i think it got even worse since the last update. But the second part is only a „feeling“.
  8. hooti


    Ah ok, thanks for the Info. Then it is time to wait again...
  9. hooti


    Interesting, I ordered few minutes after it was back in stock and then paid with Paypal, but I did not receive a confirmation email. Account still shows "wait for delivery". :huh:
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