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  1. I've modified the stock files with the gray textures and have used it for some time now. Also works in multi-player (on my end). It would just be nice to have them selectable as they should be seeing how the models and textures already exist in the game.
  2. Enable the correct textures for all bombs / GBUs that replicate the US Navy gray ablative coating. These textures are already complete in the DCS system texture file .zip folders and should be easily enabled for US Navy / U.S.M.C. aircraft.
  3. I'm most likely missing something completely obvious, but I'm not seeing steam from the cats. Settings are basically maxed with the exception of heat blur and depth of field turned off. Any ideas on why steam isn't visible? I've even added the increased steam mod and still nothing.
  4. Same thing. I can only lock targets in HAQC or LHAQ modes. nothing else works regardless of range or aspect.
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