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  1. Cool, and thanks for the correction. On the web store (at least the English/USD$ one), I still only see the V2 pedals listed, so I wasn't sure.
  2. You can disconnect the spring on the (excellent) MFG Crosswind pedals, and you can also add a damper that gives them a very good feel and allows them to hold position. If you search the forum for MFG damper mod, you'll find several discussion threads about it. In fact apparently the next version of the MFG Crosswind pedals will come ready-made to accept a damper mod more easily. Additionally, a couple different forum members have developed heel-on-floor style pedals for the MFG Crosswind to replace the stock footrests that have your feet off the floor. This is a much easier config
  3. This is a long shot, but do you have any wireless game controllers, like a gamepad? I've sometimes had a PS4 controller (connecting via Bluetooth) that I had deleted from the DCS controls profile reappear and take over some controls. I didn't notice at first because the PS4 controller appeared all the way to the right in the DCS control configuration screen, so I had to scroll over to see what was going on. Like I said, a long shot, but...
  4. Most excellent. How/when do you sell (or plan to sell) your other products?
  5. Makes sense. What I like about the damper in particular is that it takes away the springiness, which feels so unrealistic. What I'd really like to do is is install small dampers on my stick somehow. I use a Virpil WarBrD and keep the springs quite light with their "Cosmo" cams to take out the center bump, and it's pretty good but still feels like it wants to go "boing" when I let it go, if that makes any sense. I found some tiny dampers that might fit inside the stick base, but haven't gotten around to trying to rig something up. Hegykc, maybe your next project?
  6. Agreed on everything above. I've been using a damper on my pedals for a few months now, and would not go back. (The way I have it mounted is not as elegant as hegykc's solution that is included with his pedals, so I'm looking forward to switching it). With the caveat that I'm not a pilot: my sense is that for non-fly-by-wire and non-hydraulically-boosted aircraft, the aerodynamic forces on a rudder, especially at higher speeds, provide a natural re-centering force that increases with airspeed. I've had stick (and rudder) time in a few small aircraft, and this seemed to be the case
  7. Ordered! I hope this proves to be a very successful enterprise for you. Regarding the included knob for the spring end, is it just intended to be easier to turn than the stock MFG one, or does it have some other function? I've seen discussion of a spring mod to make it easier to disconnect the spring, so I wondered if this might have anything to do with that.
  8. Out of curiosity, how is it possible to be "lazy" while performing a recreational activity? The OP is not doing work, producing something, accepting compensation, or otherwise doing anything other than having fun. Is he not having fun hard enough?
  9. Thanks Bob! So if I understand you correctly, on your older Virpil throttle the mode switch affects the buttons on the base of your throttle, but not the buttons on the throttle grip? Can any users of the CM2 confirm whether that's the case for the newer Virpil throttles too?
  10. It's been talked about by Virpil for ages but I thought it was a "maybe someday" thing. But they just posted this two hours ago: https://forum.virpil.com/index.php?/topic/2772-introducing-the-vpc-helicopter-controls-lineup/ Good catch, Sokol!
  11. My quarantine project this year was to make a collective using the left-handed version of the Virpil MongoosT-50CM2 grip as the head (atop extensions attached to a Virpil WarBrd base, in an angled housing with a damper for friction/feel). Anyway, part of the reason was the profusion of programmable buttons available on that grip (and it also plays nicely with my right-handed CM2 I use as cyclic/fixed wing stick). I don't think they sell the left-handed model anymore, but if I did it again today, I would use the left-handed Alpha grip, which has even more options. My oth
  12. Hi all. I'm considering the new T-50 CM3 throttle. and I'm wondering how those of you who already own the CM2 use the 5-way mode dial in DCS (if at all). For example, in the DCS control-configuring interface, does DCS actually read a given button on the throttle as a different button number if the mode switch is in a position other than "1"? (E.g, mode dial is in the "1" position, you click the button under your left thumb, DCS reads it as Button 1; you switch the mode dial to "2," click same button, DCS reads it as button 27 or whatever). Or is the distinction only re
  13. Nice! I look forward to the production units going on sale.
  14. I would potentially be very interested int he production model, but I'm wondering if you've had a chance to put your early models through any sort of long-term testing. I tested an early prototype of a similar design by another forum member, and while they held up great for the first few weeks, repeated cycles especially using the toe brakes eventually caused cracking. (I believe he has since added a reinforcing metal plate). Great work, and thanks for sharing it!
  15. I'm playing on a 1080 at present, and I have a lot of work to do still with adjusting settings in order get to anything playable on the G2. Whereas with my old Oculus Rift CV1 (which had a LOT fewer pixels to push) I could get playable frame rates in DCS without much tweaking, with the high resolution of the G2 my FPS is frequently dropping into 20s or even teens, even on free flight missions. When I can manage to stay in the 30s, it's a jumpy, inconsistent 30. Like I said, more tweaking and optimizing of my setup is needed, but I would be careful about investing in a G2 unless you are will
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