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  1. Hello partners!. I have been flying the A10-C for a few months and when I have tested the A10-C II I have seen that the positions, by default, of the cameras when entering the cabin, when clicking "normal zoom" and "view center" are not the same than the original A-10C. This is very annoying to me, especially the new value of "normal zoom", since I was flying comfortably pressing the assigned key (Numpad Enter by default) and then the key to center the Track ir 5. I have looked at the files "views.lua "hosted in .... / Eagle Dynamics / DCS world OpenBeta / Mods / aircraft / A10C and A10C_2 and
  2. Thank you very much for spending part of your valuable time in pointing out what is a nuisance for me, although I repeat, it is not important (in general). Unfortunately, I realized that "lack of detail" as soon as I bought the module and entered the first training mission (and without the need to zoom), because I pay a lot of attention to those things, the "details" . And as you have very well taught in your video, the cabin and interior textures have absolutely spectacular detail even at maximum zoom. That is why the difference between this cabin and the outer fuselage stands out more.
  3. Congratulations, mate! In my case, "immersion" is as important as "simulation". The Viggen's fuselage is beautifully viewed from outside the cockpit. But, as also commented by "COBRA847", the pixel density of the fuselage texture is not "quality" enough to be completely sharp when you look from the cockpit to the closest part of the fuselage; resulting in the fuselage and rivets being slightly fuzzy and pixelated. http://www.mediafire.com/view/tb04ctsgnvo99ti/Viggen%20Fuselaje.jpg In the link that I have put an image of what I comment appears. Although in that image, made with my mobile,
  4. I am sorry to have to insist but, as I have commented in another part of the forum. I am very unhappy with the quality of the AJS-Viggen fuselage textures. It is true that, from the external view, these textures look very good. Which is very nice to take photos or videos of the plane or to play in easy mode (arcade) with external view. But, for those of us who play realistically, inside the cockpit, the texture resolution of the fuselage and, especially the rivets, look blurry and pixelated. This, which does not represent any simulation problem, directly affects the inmersion, giving rise to a
  5. Graphic quality is very important to me in games and simulators. I just bought this module (AJS-37 Viggen), after having enjoyed the magnificent F-14 Tomcat for a while. Unfortunately, I had never seen a video of the Viggen before my screen resolution (2k). I have to say, that seen the plane from outside (F2), this one looks fantastic. What is the problem?. Well, the textures of the rivets on the fuselage, seen from the cabin, look horrible, blurry and poorly defined. The lack of resolution of the fuselage, seen from close up, is very annoying. I would like to ask developers to put the opti
  6. Impresionante!. Tendrían que haber contratado a los autores para el SuperCarrier: ya estaría acabado!.
  7. I just found it by myself! But the effort is greatly appreciated! Has passed a year ago from the announcement!. But from what I read in the forum there is still no scheduled date for the implementation of the cabin: is it correct?
  8. Can you put the link where it is said that there will be an update of the cabin textures?. For me it would also be a reason to buy if there was any kind of update like that!
  9. Hello mates!. Next I go on to detail the steps to ensure that those of us who have acquired the DCS: NS 430 module, can use it immersively and realistically through a tablet or mobile (clickable) or on any secondary screen. And not like an ugly pop-up pop-up that always ends up annoying in the middle of the screen. Here is an example of what is intended to be achieved with this process: http://www.mediafire.com/view/pmy3fpf6vqqet4h/Garming NS 430.jpg The first step will be for those who want to link a mobile, tablet or other analog Android device to their computer via Wi-Fi: Download
  10. Hola compañeros!. A continuación paso a detallar los pasos para conseguir que aquellos de nosotros que hayamos adquirido el módulo DCS: NS 430, lo podamos utilizar de manera inmersiva y realista a través de una tablet o movil (de manera clickable) o en cualquier pantalla secundaria. Y no como un feo pop-up despegable que siempre termina molestando en medio de la pantalla. Adjunto aquí un ejemplo de lo que se pretende conseguir con este proceso: http://www.mediafire.com/view/pmy3fpf6vqqet4h/Garming NS 430.jpg El primer paso será para aquellos que deseen vincular un móvil, tablet u otro di
  11. Tomorrow I will publish a guide to use the DCS NS 430 on a secondary display. Especially recommended to use with a tablet or a large mobile. You can change the size of the GPS on the secondary screen to taste and obeys the clickable screen.
  12. Tomorrow I will publish a guide to use the DCS NS 430 on a secondary display. Especially recommended to use with a tablet or a large mobile. You can change the size of the GPS on the secondary screen to taste and obeys the clickable screen.
  13. Por cierto. Mañana voy a publicar una guía para poder usar el DCS NS 430 en una pantalla secundaria. Especialmente recomendado usar con una tablet o un móvil grande. Se puede cambiar el tamaño del GPS en la pantalla secundaría al gusto y obedece a la pantalla clickable.
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