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  1. So this is an Aces 2 build from vrpits, i had it cnc'd from Russian birch by a professional shop here in Colorado. Its been sitting here in a semi put together state, i don't have time to finish it and am going into a different direction. So it's up for grabs. It's going to be pickup only though, not shipping. I'm just outside of Denver, CO in the suburb of Aurora. This is an old photo, it is painted grey atm as i used a grey tinted sealer. I'm looking for 250$ for it. The cnc alone was over 300 and that doesn't include the birch.
  2. go to your mixed reality portal-bottom 3 dots for settings-headset display and check the bottom for win-y
  3. I have a rift for sale, the very first one so it doesn't come with the hand controllers. I just put a new face cushion from oculus on it. The only thing that doesn't work is the Microsoft wireless usb interface that plugs in for the controller. However, the controller works just fine plugged in. Have the box and everything that goes along with it. Updated: $200 shipped. PM me.
  4. same jumped in all excited only to have a limp stick :(.. hope the above fix works in the meantime.
  5. I ordered mine when i heard about the sale. If its as good as it sounds i'll be happy. @300 its hard not to pull the trigger on it. Heres to hoping its awesome. If so i'll sell my rift.
  6. Morning everyone. There was a post on dogfight boss plans website stating they're going to build professional setups going forward. As such they are releasing their cockpit plans for free for everyone to enjoy. https://www.dogfightboss.com/f-18hornet-basic
  7. same here, no response from viperpits
  8. feel your pain. I'm building an aces seat and im investing in some lube on top of the extras im about to buy. Should have just bought the ceap racing seat off ebay and some 2x4s. Looks good, but i would like a center-mounted option for something like that. Volair has one, but the shipping might be outrageous edit: seems there is a center mounted option. its just hard to see.
  9. I'm very interested Andre. I'm in the middle of finishing up construction of an aces 2. Looking for the cushion part of it. Could we pm about a possible quote on something like that please?
  10. Andre I was looking at the aces seat mod you have a photo of. Was that sown from scratch or just modded from a customer seat pad?
  11. We were running a squad training focused on sead in the 25t and harriers. 80% of our missles failed to hit or even track the targets even at close range, they would fall long or just auger off the rail. Not sure what the issue is or if there's been some parameters changed in the new version. But they've become useless for the task of sead. This was an entire flight of su25's.
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