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  1. Thanks for sharing this. When I first started with the Q2 about a year ago I used to use high encoder values with high bitrates however I have read that for the last few months it has been advisible to leave both these on default (0 in ODT) and let oculus scale it for you which it will do down to hardware. I have high end hardware and have had great results with these at default. I wondered if you have had different experience. I also read that for a very long time oculus would set the width for you based on bitrate value. Other than this I run nearly the same settings as you, although my preference is not to super sample and only limit FOV to 0.9 in both directions. Just preference really. I will restest my setup with these resolutions and bitrates (I didn't know width would go that high!) And see if I get anything different now I have been running on default for months.
  2. Oculus tray tool works the oculus debug tool for you. So yes it controls main oculus settings and saves them which the ODT doesn't.
  3. Well.. I agree with the last paragraph... So therefore I use VA as a great workaround. But it's not for everyone I guess.
  4. I think I missed that. What's broken with it? I couldn't find the thread.
  5. Not really. No more luck needed, it works. The workaround is fine if you happen to use Viacom/VA anyway. Why bother with yet more plugins if you have something that will do it. It is a Viacom (and therefore VA) thread after all.
  6. It's not quite a completely unrelated conversation... Bit restrictive to have to change threads if a discussion evolves a little... Apologies if you were upset.
  7. I've found if you launch oculus first and the headset is switched on then steam VR doesn't open for me.
  8. Yes, discord doesn't recognise game controllers separately so if you map it direct to the throttle, every other controller you have will also have that number button also activating discord PTT. I mapped discord to a single letter key, and then map viacom to "press" that same key via the button I choose on my throttle Bit of a workaround.... To make things more awkward you have to alter the activation options/behaviour in viacom so it works as a hold and release. I did start with a separate press and release command but found a single "repeat command" worked better. I was having trouble with it either not holding or pressing on and off infinitely. I would presume other keybinds conflict, I really don't use the keyboard for much when I'm actually flying other than a couple of main keys (cant see - VR) not noticed any conflicts though. Viacom settings
  9. Yes, sort of. For most maps there is a folder inside the map files called kneeboard which you can add these pages to, these will show up for all aircraft on that specific map. However this is currently broken for syria and several other maps you need to add this folder in as it isn't there natively. For caucasus and nevada these folder also contain the many airfield charts you see which is nice but I find too many to cycle through, you can delete them but they re-appear on patches and repairs. This is an example of why I said the kneeboard is a forgotten corner in DCS, unless you use a mod, probably like the one above.
  10. Just seen a reddit post saying that there is a Virpil Black Friday 26th - 28th Nov 2021.
  11. Hoirtel

    Quest 2 DCS VR

    Sounds like a tracking error. I would have thought off and on again would fix it.
  12. Thanks all. So far no-one has said they have done in previous years. I've decided to give Winwing a miss altogether (they have sale on now) and I'll see if Virpil add a sale next week before spend anything.
  13. SoH changes the first post to reflect the next 30 pages so start there! Very useful although I swapped my G2 for Q2 in the end...
  14. Thanks, yeah I am re-looking at the winwing products. I really want to change the TM warthog stick base, so I was thinking warbrd, but the Orion stick and base is not much more....
  15. Anyone know if this has happened in previous years? I am considering some upgrades, seen that winwing are doing sales this week but just can't convince myself to buy winwing....
  16. Hoirtel

    Quest 2 DCS VR

    No I would only restart if I changed something major like that. But... I change values once the link is established and I do have to press enter after changing every single value for it to be accepted (ODT). Also for quite a few months now I have been running with bitrate, resolution width and dynamic bitrate (airlink only) all at default values of 0 (auto). Oculus is now capable of managing these on its own and for my system I notice no difference to the higher values. I think this is important as you can over do these and just add/force stress rather than allowing the auto options to decide. Beware of some advice that is based on much older versions of oculus software. For a long time you had to set the bitrate or it looked poor, oculus has moved on their software massively in the last year. If you are on a link cable and do want to try changing bitrate, still leave width at 0 this will be automatically set in accordance to bitrate. If you change standard bitrate, then I have found this will break airlink (unusably slow "wobbly" connection) unless it is at 0. I have used airlink and it works just as well as cable for me, also with bitrates on auto. The only reason I now use a link cable is for battery charging!
  17. Hoirtel

    Quest 2 DCS VR

    Yeah you can do it like that. I personally just tune with forced to 45 and tune to a track replay with something I consider to be high stress and representative of what I play. I dont use OTT anymore. personal choice, I use ODT and start + make changes once the link is connected but before DCS is launched. I have noticed that I need to hit enter after changing every value in a dropdown otherwise the don't always work (asw changes especially).
  18. Tornado? I had to do some pinpoint pausing to get that. Initally I thought Mig23 but it is the wrong shape for that.. Just the AI tornado maybe....
  19. Hoirtel

    Quest 2 DCS VR

    Not really. They are both for both eyes. Never really understood the "per eye" data as it's fairly meaningless. If you turn it off then it's just displaying it's max total frame rate. If it's on then it's capped at half your refresh rate and adding in frames to make it appear like double that. This is why you get some ghosting. It's all trade offs. I always run at asw 45 forced as there is little point in letting it bounce around. Just stick to the asw cap is the smoothest experience for me.
  20. Hoirtel

    Quest 2 DCS VR

    You could try disabling link Sharpening (OTT). That will make things less sharp, but reduce a little shimmer/aliasing. Also you can switch MFAA to on in the Nvidia control panel, minor effect, some perf hit. Mostly you will just have to get used to it for now. When you are testing and setting up it can be annoying but you forget once you start doing something properly. Running at high resolutions help but hard, you can knock down the FOV to 0.9/0.8 to help run high res.
  21. Yeah apologies. I may have misread your question. Kneeboard certainly works, but by default is limited to the lack of information which DCS provides. Some 3rd party modules have some nice extra bits. I was sort of answering the Q about getting airports and freq data, as there is currently no way to actually add data to a kneeboard unless you make your own png pages outside of DCS (DIY) or use a mod (VIacom + others I can't remember) Or you can use a premade user file kneeboard card which is a quick DIY version. I am sure ED have something better in the works but I would love it if they would put a text box in the ME that allows text to appear on a kneeboard page for that mission. We could then work with it. Currently the briefing appears only on the ESC briefing menu so not possible to add in co-ords or frequencies from there. If you create a mission with your own tacans, tanker frequencies etc there is no way to read these from anywhere once the mission has started, and no-where to record these details for the kneeboard, hence "forgotten corner". Not a game breaker, but a shame and not something I have never seen appear on a roadmap either. Workarounds are available. I always now include the freq and tacan in my unit names so they are at least available in the f10 menu. Sometimes I may forget to write them into word file, save as png, then add to the relevant aircraft kneeboard folders in saved games.
  22. Use ground moving target (GMT) on the ground radar. Pick them up. SS right (if Radar on right DDI) then uncage mav, and let her go, Its almost too easy. No TGP required, although Im sure you could build that in on the AMPCD if you wanted to check what you are shooting at properly!
  23. Kneeboard pages are currently one of the forgotten corners of DCS core. The only way to use it is DIY, or via an external mod. Still surprises me but that's the way it is for now. There is a great user file which gives all the map data for each map as a kneeboard page(s). This is the quickest workaround but obviously not specific to any mission. Integration with dcs also varies depending on the map which isn't helpful!
  24. For DCS and VR. CPU and GPU choice is the bigger the better! Its really down to what you can afford but if you think you will like it, you will always want more. Spending extra on the initial purchase is cheaper than upgrading after 6months to a year, but yes the best value for performance is low to mid range.
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