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  1. Yes we are, and the newsletter screenshots which have been posted.
  2. thought that was a new S3 model in the background of the supercarrier pic. Maybe not..
  3. They could tell me nothing for the next two years and I'll still buy it first day I can....
  4. Ok apologies. probably the wrong thread for this, but I'm sure you can reduce some of those settings that affect CPU use to gain more performance and increase GPU use. Its all about balance.
  5. I found that clouds on ultra do use more performance, and the pre-sets that contain the larger formations are more difficult to run than those smaller ones. Why would you not want your GPU running above 50%? Seems like an unusual requirement. I like mine to be as high as I can get.
  6. You don't need virtual desktop for Q2 unless its your preference. DCS will open in flat if the Q2 headset is powered off or not connected via a link method. 1. Make sure "enable VR headset" is checked in DCS. - close DCS if you have had to open it to do this. 2. Launch oculus software 3. connect headset to PC via a link (cable or air) 4. Launch DCS from PC, rather than shortcut in oculus - I used to use the shortcut but its not stable for me now so I don't do this. It may work for others.
  7. Kneeboard editor. I really can't believe this is missing. Little while ago ED brought in a brilliant little command to pull up a window of all co-ordinate types at where ever the mouse pointer was. But no where to save these to! Please ED... as a super quick (hopefully) option can you make it so the briefing box appears on its own kneeboard page. As I can't punch in co-ordinates from the esc menu.
  8. Hmm. No not using the tomcat. I don't actually own it. Ok thanks for the pointer. I'll have a look and see if I can turn that off somewhere.
  9. Thanks to everyone's help, I now have separate bindings which seems to be working well and allowing me full control of separate SRS and viacom use. I am having a new problem is that during multiplayer sessions viacom starts recognising words that are not being spoken. I just here the beep and it is registering usually "Haifa" (A place on the syria map). This happens on any map and not always straight away sometime quickly, sometimes not. It doesn't say that any TX node is being pressed, just recognising this word from nowhere? Also occasionally same thing with "Ship" but mostly "haifa". Anyon
  10. Hoirtel

    Quest 2 DCS VR

    You might find that your overall CPU use is low, but the main thread is maxed so that's why it looks like you have room to spare. You need to look at individual core use.
  11. Have you clicked the "show unknown values" button. Caught me out once. I've just updated to latest driver and they are there for me.
  12. I found it came with stability issues and I actually haven't played it much but just in the ME very slow and clunky. A repair has helped a fair bit but still seems less stable to me than what was gained in the last few patches.
  13. Is ansiotrophic filtering likely to help with the cloud shimmer? Or just for textures like runways etc?
  14. Ok, maybe I've got it wrong. I don't know too much technical aspects about how these things are rendered. To me it unfortunately looks like one of those areas that is aliasing prone, for example the solar farms on Nevada are terrible, just due to their size and shape they seem to not work well with the current VR panel resolution and glitter like crazy. However it would be nice if there is some sort of game fix that can be applied to the cloud shimmer.
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