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  1. Pass. I'm no expert I'm afraid. Just looked into it a while ago when it was first brought up and through my experience with xplane. I see BN said that we are waiting (patiently) for vulkan and multicore, so probably two different types of engine upgrade. Maybe they are looking to split up the graphics rendering from all the other calculations. Just guessing now though...
  2. Actually vulkan is a graphics API so has nothing to do with cpu use directly. There are some very good videos on youtube from Michael brown discussing xplanes change to vulkan. Worth noting that this doesn't directly apply to DCS as they do not use openGL which was pretty poor for VR really.
  3. I've double checked and it, the aircraft always loads at 2992. The pressure setting in the ME is what is required to display the correct airfield elevation. So I am still a little confused as to how to set this correctly and why we are even able to decide what pressure the missions should be at. It really doesn't make sense as the pressure will also change depending on location on that map. I've also confirmed that the preset static weather can give you a pressure setting that is not settable in the aircraft so you can't get a correct altimeter readout. Hopefully someo
  4. Everyone's mileage and therefore preferences vary. Yeah fps is secondary to experience (smoothness) but I think most people just use it as the way of understanding where they are at. My experience with the G2 was that it did need MSAA as I really don't like jaggies, some people don't seem to need it. It does improve performance when its off, but also makes a big difference when its on so... balance your preferences. In my opinion I needed it even with the G2 at 100%. However having run the Q2 at x4 MSAA all the jaggies were gone. This is the first time I have seen this, I can't quite get this
  5. I didn't see it, but I didn't look for it. Thought it would be in updates. I wont make that mistake again - slapped my own wrist!
  6. Yeah agreed about the OTT tool, just use the debug tool. I personally have the oculus resolution slider maxed and set 1.2 in the debug. I personally find this improves the visuals by a good margin, 1.3 and 1.4 look even better but its very demanding on performance!
  7. I is stupid. I woz looking for this under official updates too. Durrrrr
  8. DCS Updater is not DCS. It's just the updater which launches dcs.exe when it's finished. That's why it has no effect.
  9. Yeah probably down to some personal preferences then (I also don't like the shaders mod) I had the above 80% perfectly smooth but 100% was too much. However I got drops to 43/44 on the deck of the SC and flying over. SC seems to be more taxing on the system than the entire city of las Vegas. Go figure...
  10. So you get 45/90fps in those scenarios at 100% on the G2? That's pretty good. In that case must be some settings preferences. I do have most of mine pretty high/max as this was what I was used to on my rift - again, personal preferences I suppose! For what I like 80% was the max.
  11. I can have it running smooth at 100% or even 150%, the difference being how and where I do my tests. This has been discussed in BN's G2 thread. His testing is done in a 1:1 air start dogfight over caucauses. This just isn't appropriate for me. My test is a hot f18 runway start at Nellis, with statics on the ground (quite a few) and then do low flying over the city. This is a fairly demanding scenario but allows me to test under some stress, but as I always like to do ground starts from airfields with a few statics - its no good if not smooth then. I typically don't test with lots of AI as I kn
  12. At the risk of going against the majority in this post I feel I should post my experience. As a long term Rift S (1.5 SS) I got a reverb G2 with hope for that high quality visuals. Yes the screen is sharp, very crisp and monitor like. However I must have the face shape or something to not get this across my entire view as I found that the image degraded from the immediate centre so badly, it almost had the effect of an FOV reduction - this was in all apps not just DCS. When compared this with my rift S then I do not get this feeling however the rift s certainly doesn't have edge to edge clarit
  13. 1.0 is no change. Anything over 1.0 is super sampling anything under is undersampling. Start with 1.1 and work up until it won't work anymore. Depends on your system power. This has a big effect on performance and visual quality.
  14. Don't use PD. Use pixel override in oculus debug tool or supersampling in oculus tray (3rd party app - just controls the debug tool for you).
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