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  1. Hi guys Nice to know, however I use the same supercarrier and the same approach and have crashed into the back of the boat many times , this is the first time for this message the LSO and dead message I've received many times . Has there been an update?
  2. Hi people Trying to land on supercarrier and after crashing went to mission recap and I read MC1 failure and MC2 failure as well as FCS 1,2,3 and 4 failure which is new , it usually just says LSO code and I'm dead I understand the LSO code and I'm dead but the failures not so much. Any clarification would help . blackie1
  3. Hi Bignewy all fixed I reinstalled the drivers for the thrustmaster pedals. blackie1
  4. Hi Bignewy I don't know what was done on your end , but everything is working except I can't bind the left and right brakes.I can bind the right peddle to both but not left and right peddle to left and right brake , so I guess both brakes are working after a fashion. Thank You . blackie1
  5. Hi Bignewy Did as you suggested no luck trim stays at full up but nose goes down. Blackie1
  6. Hi Bignewy Here is the log file .I hope this is ok. blackie1dcs.log.old
  7. hi flappie new to game, hope this works dcs.log.old
  8. F18 hornet trim was working last week now not working horizontal elevator on full nose up trim and won't trim nose down all bindings were set as before, even did a repair and still no joy. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the program. any suggestions . It's a older computer but runs program on Hi with no problems until now.I've got latest updates, anyway to restore older versions of program. John
  9. thanks for the prompt reply . I don't want these disabled,i paid for them ,i want them working. John.
  10. At sign on the game asks for 5 valid serial # as follows the channel, F-15c, Syria, SU-27,and Nevada . I don't have these serial # . I looked in all the locations mentioned and didn't find any . It keeps asking and asking and asking.Make it stoooooooooooooooooop. I have the latest version of DCS. Thank You John.
  11. f #keys for comms menu /super carrier. I know when you are inbound to the carrier the menu appears in the upper right corner of the monitor but they are different depending which section you are in, Is there a listing of all these keys . I'm using voice attack and it works well except for one part of the approach which is the call me at 10 .It just isn't working. Marshall stack works as well as place and remove chocks as well as call the ball. Thanks john.
  12. Thanks for the info I'll check the newsletter more often
  13. DCS module manager in a small window shows two aircraft to download which I didn't buy , SU-27 and F-15c. What is this?:mad:
  14. FA/-18c Hornet or A-10 Warthog The red switch at the bottom of the right throttle on the warthog set. #rd as 11 and 12 on the drawing . What is it for ?
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