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  1. That new Wespe model for the WWII Asset pack looks spectacular. The level of detail is amazing. Well done to those responsible. Great work.
  2. Thanks for that. I was a bit stumped as to why it wouldn't turn on, but would turn off using a key bind.
  3. Normally does the first time a map has been downloaded or updated. Try reloading it a couple of times and it should be fine.
  4. I see a Devrim helicopter mod, I download! I've been using you cockpit mods for years. Really appreciate your hard work and sharing. Thanks brother.
  5. Really, really enjoying the Mi-24!! Still learning. Still haven't tried all the weapons or night flying yet but having a absolute blast getting acquainted. Love the 60/70's era tech, especially when it comes to navigation and comms systems. Thanks Team ED for giving us this great module and all the time, effort and tears that went into developing it. Worth every penny and will only get better.
  6. Looked like the missile hit a Minecraft game.
  7. Cyprus!!! Thank you Urga!!!
  8. Thanks for your reply Mr Fox. Yep, well hidden under the licence drop-down
  9. I was just on my ED Store login to pre-purchase the Hind and as I was having a quick look around I notice that my WWII Rewards List of planes and map/ asset pack I received/ am waiting for, back from 2014, appears to be missing from my profile. I recall this was normally under Profile - Home/ Personal section (listed on the left hand side). Before I log a ticket, I was just wondering if this has been moved (if so I can't find it), or whether other WWII Backers are also missing this from their profile page? Thanks
  10. 30% discount right now and even at full price is still $10 cheaper than the A-10C, F/A-18C and F-16. Can't complain about that.
  11. Today's newsletter states that the radios (transmitter & receiver) and navigation system will come after EA, along with the AI navigator/ radio operator and rockets.
  12. Wow. If Thrustmaster ever do the AH-64 HOTAS, they're going to be like $1,500.00 each
  13. Extremely excited about this. Screenshots just look amazing. Hurry up 2021 - the year of helicopters in DCS
  14. What an exciting list for 2021 and beyond. Looks quite demanding for the team, but of course just reading the list doesn't account for work that has already been completed on some of these tasks. Thanks for sharing your plans with us. Looking forward to it all!
  15. Phantom453


    Run "Repair DCS" (which version you are using - Stable or Open Beta). Allow it to replaced your modded files with the originals. Then back up the original file(s), then apply your mod. You migt find it easier to use a mod manager in future like OvGME.
  16. Well as a virtual rotor-head since the C-64 days, I just couldn't be happier today! Helicopter multi-crew and the AH-64D revealed! Wow!! I'm a tad surprised (not unhappy) that we'lll get the D version. Who knows, we may get the A as well? Multi-crew for the Huey is just fantastic and I'm very happy we got the loadmaster/ gunner stations too. Cracking multicrew for helicopters is obviously a necessary enabler for the HIND and Apache, but I'm also keen to see it released for the Mi-8. Thanks ED. What a classy way to finish off what has been a terrible year.
  17. Yes, what Pikey said. Great addition. Makes this already awesome map even better, especially in terms of scenario functionality/ possibilities! Thanks for listening to the community and acting on it. You rock Ugra!!
  18. Great update, great price. Thanks ED.
  19. Only available in OB ATM and you also need to apply the latest OB update first, which dropped today, before it will appear in your Module Manager.
  20. Australian Hornet Ball 2020 The 2020 Royal Australian Air Force Hornet Ball video, featuring a compilation of F/A-18A/B Classic Hornet and F/A-18F Super Hornet footage.
  21. I have to practice AAR a lot to remain reasonable at it and I'm certainly not proficient at it in all aircraft with the capability (A-10C and F/A-18 only really TBH). The minute I stop practicing this my skill level drops off quickly. I've always found this reasonably difficult over the years.
  22. Auto start? Never. I don't even know the keyboard command for it.
  23. No change? So I'm not the only on that though it felt different? Hmmmmm I didn't notice any change in acceleration, but it felt to me she was flying faster in cruise/ level flight and also harder to hold still on the ground (starts to creep away without brakes on).
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