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  1. I don't think that can be it, I was flying at 2000m. I recorded a track of it happening: kub_bug.rar
  2. I don't think that is what's happening with the Hawk - I've seen a Kub site do the same thing, and it definitely looks like a bug. What happened was: I was flying the Su-25T and fired a pair of Kh-58s at the Kub's radar, destroying it. I then continued to fly towards the SAM site, and when I got within its launch range, it started trying to launch missiles at me. Of course, because it had no radar, they exploded almost immediately after launch. The bug seems to be that a SAM site will still try to launch missiles AFTER its radar has been destroyed. You can see in the attachments that the Ku
  3. I *think* that when an AI aircraft runs out of fuel, it'll refuel at a tanker if there's one nearer to it than the nearest airfield. While we're on the subject of large planes refuelling...
  4. Yep, and so can the A-50... (ignore the menu on the bottom right of the first one, MSN Messenger decided to go a bit crazy)
  5. DropZone


    I sometimes find something very similar happening to me. Say I have two Kh-25Ls loaded, and I lock on to something using the Shkval. I turn on the laser and fire the first one - it works fine. When I fire the second one, the pipper sometimes (but not always) jumps back to the centre of the HUD, meaning that that missile (and the first one if it's still in the air) loses track of the laser and explodes in midair. The laser doesn't turn off - it just jumps to the middle of the HUD as if I'd pressed Ctrl-I.
  6. Look at the table on page 152-153 of the 1.1 manual. No antiradar missile can lock on to either EWR station.
  7. 230 km/h? It's always worked for me at anything less than 300 km/h (I wait until the airspeed readout goes to "290" to make sure).
  8. Ages ago, me and a friend were starting up a team for a certain online game. He was the "leader", and decided we needed cool names. He chose mine after leafing through a bike magazine and seeing an advertisment for a bike called the "Dropzone", and I've used the same name ever since (even though that team never actually got started). Don't ask me where the capital "Z" came from, though! :)
  9. I seem to remember reading that the Master Arm switch in LOMAC doesn't actually do anything (never tried it myself, so I might be mistaken). In real life, I think you have to switch it on before you can fire any weapons. Like BuzzU said, it's probably to stop the weapons being fired accidentally in situations where they shouldn't be (e.g. over civilian/friendly areas), kinda like the safety catch on a gun.
  10. The capability definitely hasn't been removed, I've done it several times. Remember that as well as using Ctrl + and Ctrl - to make large adjustments to the target box size, you can also use Alt + and Alt - to make precise adjustments. Also make sure you're not trying to lock it from too far away - maybe it's just me, but it seems like the Shkval doesn't like locking very distant targets.
  11. Heh, funnily enough, I've had that happen to me as well. I've got no idea if it was the same place, but I was flying level, probably a couple of thousand meters altitude, when I suddenly got a "pull up" warning just like you described: screenshot :) edit: Wow, you can use your shadow on the invisible wall to make it look like you're flying a huge plane: screenshot :D
  12. Same here - in fact, only a few minutes ago I discovered this strange building. No idea what it is, but it looks cool ;) I also found another building with a sign in Russian on top of it - it looks like it says "КИНОТЕДТР", but putting that into an online translator didn't work. Any of the Russian-speaking forum members care to tell us what it means? :)
  13. You're not supposed to "install" them. They're for people who want to make custom textures for aircraft, to use as a base. They have all the panel lines, rivets etc. on them, and you can then paint a new paint scheme on top of that.
  14. Re: Mission Building is a House of Cards It seems to me that the SU-17's maximum allowed weight in LOMAC is a bit optimistic - load them up fully, and they need a very long runway to take off from. You have to either set them to take off from an airbase with a big runway, or just not load them up as much. Otherwise, they'll run off the end and crash.
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