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  1. Wow outstanding, thanks for putting these together, great work!
  2. That would be great, thanks all the recent ME updates and additions as well.
  3. CTLD Issues with Pickups since update Hi, Since the latest DCS OB update (8-26-2020), my friends and I have discovered an issue (or possible issue) with CTLD when landing in a pickupzone and trying to extract troops from the Comms F10 menu. Twice today in Multiplayer one of our pilots had DCS crash at this same point each time. In another case, the Pilot had landed the Huey, come to a stop, was inside the pickupzone and received a message indicating the the Huey had to be stopped and lower than 60 ft off the ground. ?? Using CTLD 1.73 and using MIST 4.3.74. Never run into any issues w
  4. Sure thing, sorry for the belated response. I was running the Operation Jupiter mission for Normandy. Operation Jupiter v112_modified_MP_4-27-2020.miz
  5. MP Crash today Here is a log file from a crash today. I can't send the track file, it's too big even zipped. Basically everything was fine but then after a while AI units and other players just started to freeze in midair. Eventually the server crashed. Any ideas? Thanks, bitboy dcs.zip
  6. Server crash today, AI and fellow pilots freeze in midair Hi, I've attached a log file and the track files for a MP server crash today. Everything was fine, but then eventually all the AI units and most of the players just froze in midair. The PC is brand new Win 10 8 core processor, SSD, with 64 GB of RAM. ?? Any insight on the log file is appreciated. Thanks, bitboy
  7. Hi, I have two PCs that I use to host DCS servers. An older Dell with SSD drive and 32 GB of RAM and a brand new Dell with SSD and 64 GB of RAM. The Old Dell runs fine, with an occasional DCS crahs issue here and there, but usually pretty reliable. The new Dell has had DCS server issues from the start. ??? The biggest issue is seeing AI aircraft warp wildly all over the place for some reason. This will happen on and off for a few minutes, eventually my client connected to the server will crash. I've tried different missions, OB server versus OB Dedicated Server and the result is the s
  8. Hi, I have the latest version of OB dedicated server installed on a brand new Win 10 Pro PC, i7 Processor 9700 with 3.6 Ghz, SSD drive and 64 Gig of Ram. The server seems to run fine, but when I connect to it with my client DCS, after a few seconds all the aircraft (AI aircraft) start warping around wildly. Usually this comes and goes, then after 1 to 5 minutes my DCS client will crash/freeze. I run OB Dedicated Server on an older PC as well, without any issues. ??? It's really strange, no Mods or other strangeness, just plain DCS installation. Any insight is appreciated. thanks bit
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