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  1. Alpiinoo

    TGP Not Working

    Ok its working. In CCRP working.
  2. Can't slew to SPT and cant move. TGP.trk
  3. Alpiinoo


    +1 Trim is too sensitive. With TGP I cant trim...
  4. Alpiinoo


    Only the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey and Greece have drag chute. Drag chute isn't standart fit on F-16's. Carbon fiber brakes are already used. The reason to use Norway is that the runways are icy. If drag chute was needed, USAF would use it.
  5. Man Range Knob button.
  6. +1 Same problem. And nose up when the landing gear retract.
  7. I wish the chockes on harrier were fixed.
  8. Hello everyone, What is the TGP range? And does the visib range setting affect? Thanks.
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