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  1. I often wish for some sort of "Buddy"-Key System that I could give a friend that wants to play as a RIO but doesn't want to buy the whole plane. I mean, it would be nice, if F-14 owners would have an option, to invite 1 Player to be his RIO. And that's "locked" until revoked. Therefore you wouldn't spread it too thin, and people who just want to be the back seater can do so but ONLY with his Pilot. Or, maybe offer a "Crewman/RIO" purchase you can't become the Pilot, but it's 50% off. There are solutions to this, if you really want to. Best example is the Albatros. It's a Pilot
  2. Happened to me yesterday. Got shot by a Shilka, had to bail out. After that, I couldn't spool up right engine.
  3. As I mentioned before multiple times. I don't have an issue with the delay. I have (or had, depending on how they decide to move forward) a problem with the form of communication (or lack thereof). If it takes another month and it will be out at the end of June or even the end of the year, no problem for me. I'll happily wait when I get the information on time and more then just "we're working on it" They have to rebuild my/our trust and then we'll see.
  4. Here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4250396&postcount=1
  5. THAT was the supposed news? LOL Sorry, but that's all you've got to say to us after nearly a full month of radio silence? Are you kidding?
  6. Honestly, nobody has an issue with the fact that there is a delay. The issue is, that it's communicated in the worst possible way there is. The information is simply "somewhere around here, I guess". And not: "This is the current state: Information!" We get an "update" on the free flight promo event every week. We DON'T get any information about the Super Carrier. Is it delayed? Yes. How long? Nobody knows. End of May? Maybe. It was mentioned "somewhere". How is it coming along? Good progression? Bad progression? Is it FUBAR, because something went terribly wrong? Yes, the curre
  7. Well.... at least some updates in the Newsletter where it is, where it's going etc. would be nice. I mean, it was supposed to be released half a month ago and the information about the new "release date" (somewhere between end of April and end of May) is "somewhere" on the forums. I can't even find it very quickly. It was some reply to some thread, somewhere (was it in the Super Carrier, or the official News Thread?) I don't care if I have to wait, but the least thing they could do is keep us updated on the official channels. Instead we get "Hey, we still have the free flight!" Oh really?
  8. Good luck and all the best wishes in the world.
  9. Thanks for the transparency and the new date. Considering the world wide situation this is awesome and thank you for that. Well, I do hope you guys achieve that goal, but to be perfectly honest, I hope we get at least a working F-14 on the regular carrier catapults asap, as well ;) And hopefully before the SC.
  10. Well there is a 50% Sale on Steam as well.... so I guess it's on purpose, but without a message.... Surprise F-16?
  11. IDF, RECCE, ECR. Well... to be fair, simply all of them ;)
  12. I think the main issue about the "Beta" and "Stable" Discussion is, that Stable simply takes too long to receive patches. I mean, look at it. Stable gets a patch roughly once a month. Beta got Patches almost weekly, and for the most part, it worked fine. That's why most people made the switch to Beta. Regular updates, nothing "major" that breaks, and if so, it most likely will be fixed a week later. So it's a mixed bag of "People want the new shiny stuff" and "Regular updates". If I see all over the internet "Feature XYZ" and have to wait almost a month (or longer) to play it, yes, peop
  13. Don't know if it's been dropped yet, but in the newest patch from today, the Tomcat is still not reliably launchable from a Carrier. You can Salute till eternity and it won't shoot you off the deck.
  14. The Patchnotes are out, and as soon as I start DCS it auto updates via their own updater.... So... it's my fault, that it's broken? Seems legit ;)
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