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  1. My XTAL arrived last week and I tested it over the weekend. Its on its way back now. I can tell you why if someone is interested in a more disappointed review.
  2. Shipped and sent back already My XTAL is on its way back to Praha. What are your experiences stefew1966?
  3. Same with me... Today they told me delivery date is Sept 30th. This was a long time waiting...
  4. FM is broken FM is broken at least since DCS 2.5. Before it seemed to be realistic. I tried to contact Polychop several times but got no answer. So I'd say there is no hope and ED should remove the module from the shop.
  5. Sound API Thank you for the streams you made so far and your work on 2.0! My question: Will the "Sound API" you mentioned be accessible from within mission scripts? Let's say you want to make a mission around an air-show, it would be great to be able to place a sound source to the map that plays the cheering crowd and the speech of the moderator (localizable in 3d space, I don't mean the already possible playback of sound files). It not neccessarily has to be supported by the mission editor itself, creation by script only would be fine enough. Thanks in advance.
  6. No problem, after a year or so, that annoying so called "bonus" is gone. :thumbup: Simply do what others do too. Never buy a module for it's regular price anymore but later when it has a discount of 70%. Thumbs up eagle/dcs/..whatever!
  7. Still an issue with 1.2.9 - regardless what mp mission you play and on what server you join. Dear Belsimtek, can you please finish UH-1 before releasing new models!!!
  8. No need to be jealous... I'm just playing around with scripting in DCS. Currently I prepare a mission that is fully scripted and one of the key ideas behind is to use the Huey's ADF radio to find places. But it's obviously neccessary to hear something in the radio to be able to identify transmissions... That's often not the case like said before. Transmitting sound files over the "virtual ether" (trigger.action.radioTransmission) seems sometimes to "crash", "halt" or "mute" the sound output of the Huey-Radios, while other sound out methods stay intact (trigger.action.outSound...). Sometimes it works if another player joins the mission and sometimes not. As long as this is not fixed, this mission will not appear on any server.
  9. ... and I'm not alone: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=123579 http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=124201
  10. Hi Low_Blow, this is because MIST 3.3 does not honor the needed properties "mass" and "canCargo" (see for yourself within the code there). You need to use the "standard" scripting function "coalition.addStaticObject" (see sample below). Your category name is wrong, it has to be "Cargos" not "Cargo". And you must provide a unique name to it. Mass is in kilograms btw., not pounds as it is in the editor. local zoneTest = trigger.misc.getZone("Dropzone"); coalition.addStaticObject(country.id.USA, { country = "USA", category = "Cargos", x = zoneTest.point.x, y = zoneTest.point.z, type = "Cargo1", name = "Ladung123", mass = 113, canCargo = true }); If done so, the cargo appears and can be selected via menu F6.
  11. Hi, das Homing geht in SP und MP, wie beschrieben (im Editor auf Zonen und Einheiten und per Script mittels "trigger.action.radioTransmission" an beliebigen Punkten im Raum). Das Problem das Isegrimm meinte trat nur im MP und im Huey für das ADF-Radio auf und nur für den der als erster und alleiniger Spieler joint. In dem Fall ist kein Audio zu hören, weder die Morsecodes der Standard-Sender der Karte noch der Sound eines selbst platzierten Senders. Es geht lediglich das Rauschen weg. Die Nadel des ADF funktioniert aber und zeigt die Peilung. Sobald ein zweiter Spieler joint, hört man die Transmission aller Sender wieder. Grüße, Spot. Nachtrag: Im Editor werden glaub ich kHz angegeben, darüber bin ich auch schon gestolpert. 720 kHz ist im Editor "720", im Script "720000", da hier Hz einzutragen sind.
  12. Just tested my mission with more than one player... As soon as a second player joined, all transmissions can be heard again (also the "standard" NDB beacons on the map). Since this effect occurs only in the Huey, this seems to be a bug with the UH-1 (since V 1.2.8 ). Therefore my posting is at the right place here in this thread. Thanks for your replys.
  13. Oh man, I took it into account, even if in an A-10 you don't have to... This does NOT solve the problem. So please, yould would help me if you join any MP session in an Huey and try to hear anything from the ADF radio (except noise and silence). myEventHandler = {} function myEventHandler:onEvent(event) if event.id == world.event.S_EVENT_BIRTH then trigger.action.radioTransmission(Radios[1].Sound, Vec3FromZone(trigger.misc.getZone("Dropzone")), radio.modulation.FM, true, 30000000, 500, "FM30"); trigger.action.radioTransmission(Radios[1].Sound, Vec3FromZone(trigger.misc.getZone("Dropzone")), radio.modulation.FM, true, 925000, 500, "FM"); trigger.action.radioTransmission(Radios[1].Sound, Vec3FromZone(trigger.misc.getZone("Dropzone")), radio.modulation.AM, true, 925000, 500, "AM"); end end world.addEventHandler(myEventHandler);
  14. This is what I did. No sound. [Edit: in the huey... A10 works] [Edit2: Would be interested in any confirmation, just to be sure it's not my installation. Join any mp in the huey, turn on the ADF radio and try to find any audible NDB morse tone. Thanks in advance!]
  15. Dear Belsimtek, (only in multiplayer missions) there is no sound output of radio transmissions with the ADF-radio. When tuning-in a transmission, the noise disappears and the ADF needle points toward the radio station - but there is only silence and the transmission itself cannot be heard (neither the morse ID-code of NDBs nor self-placed transmissions by script or mission editor / in all modes "ADF", "ANT" and "LOOP"). Starting the same mission in single-player, the radio works well. (In the A-10 btw, there is no such problem.) Greetings, Spot.
  16. Hi, is there any solution to this already? I have a "dedicated" machine running a DCS server in my DMZ. I can connect via my public IP to the server, others can do so also obviously... but I cannot see my server on the server list. Is this mybe because my client machine has the same public IP as the server machine? Help appreciated.
  17. Deine Video-Serien gehören zum Besten vom Besten! Super! Danke! :thumbup:
  18. "Abandon Ship" ist wirklich der Oberhammer! :thumbup:
  19. I'm very excited about this project! I see a new era of virtual helicopter aerobatics on the horizon.
  20. Please use ModMan to in/uninstall.
  21. Just in case anyone else has the problem: If you use the "every frame method" because you want the lights to blink exactly as they should, change the export.lua script part to send an udp packet only when values change. I had the same problem and it was because the frequent calls to socket:send flooded G940Leds.exe with messages and generated unneccesary "network" traffic. I can post the script changes when needed.
  22. I'm sorry guys! As soon as there is more time I will continue my work on the mod.
  23. I think it is not possible to reactivate a destroyed group, please someone correct me if I'm wrong. You could duplicate your original group and let it "sleep" until you need to activate it. (...but you may want to do this an infinite number of times, don't you??)
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