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  1. Orwell

    Enemy AI

    Would it be super dooper hard to just.... adjust the AI so it doesn't go into an infinite vertical fight every time after like 3-4 turns? I'm paying big money for a lot of modules, and I want to enjoy flying against a competent AI. I kinda feel like competent AI should be a HUGE focus for the developers of a flight sim focused on combat. I'm not asking for a world class AI with super complex algorithms simulating Chuck Yeager. But maybe some kind of if-than logic to stop the AI from thinking "I know what to do - infinite vertical rate fight!" every single time.
  2. OK so it's not just me? I bought the F14 on sale, and I find it's very hard to dog fight with. Beyond the normal difficulties noobs have, I find I just cannot get the plane to rate. I just end up in endless circle fights with AI. Online I just get trashed every time I take the plane out. I suck, but not THAT much, geez.
  3. Orwell

    Honest AI question

    Trying to get better for the purposes of fighting online. I've heard a lot about the single player AI performing maneuvers that don't make sense, or having infinite energy, and other things. Is this still true? Also, it's hard to get better fighting the AI, because they always end up in a vertical two circle fight after two turns. It's so weird that such an awesome sim has such terrible AI. Is this being fixed?
  4. Can you guys start a discord for the server please? Also, helis seem to be "falling through" the hospital helipad by a couple feet, causing huey tail rotor strikes to occur for a split second, destroying the aircraft. Missions do still complete, though. Amazing server. Had a blast last night.
  5. God I hope you're right... My experience was from cold and dark, maybe I overlooked that
  6. This plane was my girl. What's going on with her? Black out way too early...
  7. When I pull back on my stick, the virtual stick jumps back to center while my physical stick is still held back. Cannot pull any G's or AoA.
  8. I think I wanna buy... But I'm concerned about no standoff weapons. Is the jamming on the A10 so good as to allow it to get close enough to AA/SAMs to engage with Mavs easily?
  9. These tricks are awesome. I want to know moreee. There needs to be a contextual tricks list!
  10. "I do hornet" I love that. Man, I've messed with F16. I own it. It's neat in its own way... But you simply cannot beat F18 in terms of ease of use, IMO. Since you're here, do you know if there is a list of HOTAS shortcuts for the F18? Specifically for radar a/a a/g Example, how you can slew the TDC in and out of the upper part of the radar to increase range, and in and out of the bottom part of the box to decrease? Stuff like that seems to be hard for me to find. Little shortcuts and tricks.
  11. If I have JDAMS without a lightening pod on, how do I get my hud in auto to designate with hud? Sorry if you cannot.
  12. Someone mentioned to me the other day that F18C hornets have some of the same functionality as the A10, with respect to being able to designate a location on the ground with HMCS and then getting TGP to look at that point. Is that true and is it coming to Hornet?
  13. How forgiving are the campaigns? Example, I bought one for F15, and it's super touchy IMO. I'm not the best pilot, but I find that instructions are shown to the user ONCE, and if you're busy and don't read it, you're screwed. And then I find you have to hit certain points in space at certain times or the mission gets messed up. Are BC campaigns a little more forgiving? How's everyone finding them?
  14. The sale in 2019 was October 18th, a Friday. That would make this weekend a perfect weekend for a sale. Is one coming soon? Have wallet ready.
  15. Would there be a way to show the turn coordinator somewhere on the screen for helicopters generally? It's so frustrating not being able to "feel" this important factor when flying. Would be amazing to have the information somewhere on screen at all times.
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