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  1. Since the newsletter mentions skip-bombing, when do we get that?
  2. Especially that part with the SA-15 shows how off the original one seems to be as yours matches the frequency of the dish's rotation. You should maybe try getting into contact with Heatblur so this gets some quality improvement officially.
  3. I was rather hoping for a fix of that cloud settings thing, the general VR blurriness / "wash out" issue and the still kinda broken VR controllers (thanks for the laser beams, but I can only see the cursors if I use my virtual index finger as "iron sight", otherwise they won't show up and the pointing angle is still about 30° off towards the palm). That explains why I can't see it... I guess the movement isn't massive in how far the things jitter back and forth. Can't see mosquitoes (small things moving fast) unless I stare at them directly or stars in CAVOK night skies
  4. Nick Grey would like to have a chat with you... (he basically "announced" it already in an interview, think it was the GR one) Expected that "next gen" thing to be something related to your workflow, tech and stuff. I wasn't wrong. Will they be fighters or "fighters"? (thinking things like 111 or 117 here)
  5. A-6E, F-111F and Tornado IDS confirmed. Sorry, no Half-Life 3 yet!
  6. The new Petrovich AI seems interesting and I like the idea of controlling it with just a 4 way switch with short and long presses. And I'm glad the BS3 module is not dead as some expected recently. But it looks like you guys had to drop the President-S system, which is a bummer. But it's better to get some upgrades without that than nothing. Maybe you should put your resources that would have went into that into contacting Mr. Алексей Леонидович Пажитнов in order to have a fully licenced version of TBRIS* within the module. When I can get that, I won't care about anything else. I m
  7. When I'd get that on crowded and heavily scripted MP servers that would at least double my rate. I don't expect too much from Vulcan alone though, but having the underlying engine finally supporting and using multiple cores properly might do wonders on my end since my GPU load lingers around just 20-30% usually with DCS as it is so heavily CPU bottlenecked and an old 3rd gen, even overclocked a lot, just isn't state of the art nowadays, and well past the massive IPC increase that came with the 6th gen.
  8. First off, I'd highly recommend getting on the 2.7 Open Beta. The clouds don't tax the hardware that much actually and for many the new version actually runs smoother and I noticed that as well with a rather oldish system which is pretty much CPU bound in DCS though (as probably most are). As for the module, you do like and would like to get the Mirage already. That is one good reason already. The next one being you wanting to fly SP campaigns/content. Now here that exact module is very special as the campaign that comes with it basically is a continuation of the tutorial missions,
  9. It's funny how the thread preview of the Updater GUI shows a screenshot with an error message That tool basically does the cmd/ps work for you. I'm also quicker just punching in the commands, but many might not be comfortable with that. Just running the updater itself won't make DCS change the brand though. To get from Stable to Open Beta or back you'd have to append parameters to it or let the tool do all that for you.
  10. Noticed the same since 2.7. Literally have to tilt my palm up by some ~25-30° to point at things now. Was perfect in 2.5.x.
  11. When I tried VD with the Quest, I noticed the same, but I could more or less achieve the same by holding the right oculus button for a while, so just like recentering in the Quest dome where you start off when switching the HMD on.
  12. I guess you should put that Norton malware in quarantine and then just remove it...
  13. Found that one already and it kinda works. It keeps throttling itself so the ETA stays locked at 11 min for me. Feels like back in the stone age.
  14. Oh, great, a long awaited replacement for the now broken MB-339 (bummer!) is finally here
  15. I watched this now more than 10 times even with screen zoom. Can't see it But your 109 does jitter a lot
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