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  1. Well, that newsletter is very massive. So much to look forward to! But TBH I'll take all those date estimations with a good grain of salt. But it's great to see what we can expect in the next 2 years, which is a lot of things that we've always asked for Reminds me of something... I just hope that doesn't include a ban on having Tetris hidden on the ABRIS system screen. That's what I'm waiting for the most Well, like the F-4E that was on BST's plate that's now "free for 3rd party" as per latest informa
  2. Funny thing about it is that I freed up some ~2GB and it wasn't enough still. In the end I freed up some space on C by moving some recordings off of the usual Windows folders and use that free space to temporarily park another game there to be able to update.
  3. Just 26MB short of disk space in these days... I definately need a bigger SSD - 1TB simply is not enough!
  4. Strangely I can't hear them pop though... But it's great fun to smash them all in a row with an S-Pen on my Tab S6
  5. Thanks for clarifying that. BTW with that in mind, I am extremely confident that we will fly the "Klappdrache" one day in DCS, simply because of this: https://adamsgroup.de/sit/ I guess it's pretty much likely that True Grit will pick up the Tornado as their next module after delivering the Eurofighter - having the needed connections to the GAF with that VR training simulator right there already.
  6. Well, my first guess was the AH-64, alternaties I thought possible were the MiG-29 and a collab with Heatblur on either a Tornado or F-111. Then BN and 9L said it wasn't going to be anything that's been teased already so I thought the Apache was out as it had been teased at least since 2018 (Wags Interview in a video where he taught someone CnDing the Hornet, when he also mentioned Syria for the first time - he said the Boeing licence wasn't only for the Hornet), well even further back before the Shark was out there's been A model blk 49 cockpit shots on SimHQ (still there today).
  7. I'm glad to see the upcoming goodies. When the "eagerly awaited brain melter" was first mentioned, my initial though was just the AH-64D, and well, it's "just" that even though BN kept saying it never had been announced or teased before. Still glad to have it in the pipeline officially now. The clouds in that video look so awesome it's hard to believe that it is DCS I was watching. What a great job! Can't wait to clear those skies in 10 seconds flat And as always, the quality of the video went from 10 to 11 - again. I really wonder when GA reaches his peak where he can't get any b
  8. Some great notes there. Didn't expect the multicrew thing and I'm happy to see the Harrier being able to taxi on idle.
  9. Well, ED literally already brought out screenshots over a decade ago. That in combination with those whennotif statements are actual announcement enough for me. Well, just remember "The Winter will be in the Claw of the Cat" - the thing literally was released one week before it was Spring. When a company sais "this year", expect the next one. By the end of that. Doesn't get you disappointed in the end Well, I was kinda expecting the announcement to be in the newsletters, the last one before Christmas and ED hopefully being in their well-deserved hol
  10. Well, as title sais. I have a thread opened, try to tick 3 posts for example. When I select the third, the counter in the lower right corner flashes, but stays at 2 quotes and when I click that button it actually just takes the first post, no more.
  11. Well, that's next year for me then. Would have had some time for it today only. But when it needs more time, it is what it is.
  12. NineLine testing the AI deciding not to land with broken gear, take a go around and do a belly landing besides the actual runway:
  13. Ctrl + B / I / U do work But those seem to be the only ones. Well, when trying to save a post (anyone ever had a crash or something when writing up a wall of text?), a markup version would definately be useful, since you could just paste the thing back in with all the stuff. Now I can't use Notepad++ anymore to save my posts before dropping them here if they're a bit bigger than this one. BTW if I'd just take any of the posts within here and scale my screen image to 32:9, none of them would fit the screen at all - so that's all relative. Just sayin', cos I know some pe
  14. As much as you might be spot on with this, I'd very much hate companies for being companies if that was the case. DCS is never competition to a 3rd party addon to a civsim. Not even remotely. And TBH, if such a license would be blocked by a 3rd party that only works for a civsim, this would be such an utter waste to be fair. This certainly is a point, but exactly there come the problems and managing on how to deal with those is the nut to crack. Well, I'd personally suggest having the control inputs merged, just as if you'd put two controlers in UJR
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