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  1. 1. Southeast Asia (Vietnam and/or Korea and/or North Korea and a chunk of China) 2. Adriatic Sea (Aviano airbase, east side of Italy, and most of former Yugoslavia) 3. Fulda Gap
  2. until
    Come Join Our Friday Night Training! It is what it seems! If you join our Friday night training you will be met by many others willing to help you out with whatever you might need. This isn't a strict rigorous training, but more a friendly, relaxed training night to help everyone be up to par for the campaign sorties!
  3. until
    Come Join Our Sunday Night Campaign! Every Sunday night at 9PM EST we host our campaign missions. These missions have a light story behind them, data cards to go along with each mission, and proper briefings. We try our best to maintain professionalism, teach proper procedure, and most of all have fun and work as a team during these missions. They are also persistent, if a group of units dies one mission, they will not make it to the next mission. We also utilize several scripts made by the community to enhance realism, such as the IADS Script, various Moose Scripts, and so on.
  4. Holy god dude thats mad cool haha, those were both squadrons me and Tonk looked at but decided on emulating CVW-3 from the 60s-90s since they operated the same squadrons consistantly, hoping someday to open up a VA-75 Sunday Punchers in the A-6E once Heatblur releases it and open VA-105 once we get the A-7E, VF-32 also flew the F-8J if I remember correctly. I think I looked at AG-51 in late 2020 before I asked Tonk and a new guy in the 361st at the time, Mystic, if they would be interested in starting a group.
  5. Join VFG as a Tomcat Pilot or Hornet pilot part of VF-32 or VFA-105! Who we are: At the beginning of 2021 me and two good friends were frustrated when we couldn't find a squadron that was a healthy breed of milsim and fun. So that is why we founded this group! We have a passion for realism, but also want to provide a welcoming experience for players of any skill level in our custom built campaign with custom made skins! Requirements: Discord SRS F-14 or F/A-18 Syria Map Supercarrier 18+ Communication! We have our campaign nights on Sunday 9:30PM EST Training on Friday night 9:00PM EST Stop by our Discord! https://discord.gg/FEaM72AWKY
  6. Hey, when I tried upscaling the textures myself I got extremely blurry stencils and paint on the default skin. Is there any chance you could release a template of the upscaled hornet for us to mess around with? Thanks!
  7. ETA on the server coming back online?
  8. Just encountered a glitch again. So designating targets with the FLIR pod seems to be glitched/broken atm. So I can designate a target that I know is right next to me and get correct ranging and location info, but when I go to the pod to designate the ranging and the location is all out of wack, for example, I was just on buddyspike and I designated a FARP as a target with the HMD and it said 13.9 miles away and I checked the HSI and the location of the target was as it should've been. Then I undesignated the target and reacquired it with my FLIR pod, did target designate and it says the target 130 miles out and the location was wayyy to the north in Iran. This is when the FLIR is mounted on the cheek at least, havent tested with it on centerline mount.
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