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  1. On the F/A-18D, the plyons are missing something. I've gone through the lua and it looks like all the called for textures are available........anyone know which it is?
  2. I would like to know this too. I've altered the skins for the Stennis (just the island number to "66" and "67") for flying the early F14-A from. I'm fine with the downsides. If I could find a static A7 to go with the EA6's , now that would really be nice ....
  3. Spot on advice. I was struggling like mad until I found that moving my seat down (Cockpit views ) made all the difference. I move the view down so the HUD waterline is just about touching the cowl......I hold this view all the way in.
  4. Additional: The AI will sometimes park in front of the island resulting in foul deck / other AI crashing into it on landing. The angle of the AI parking needs to be adjusted to keep it behind the foul line
  5. I have the same issue with liveries on the Tomcat. I can change the AI F-18 (from the bazaar dir) fine, but the aft Tomcats stays as the Jolley Rogers regardless which livery I select. Script excerpt: -- ******************************************************** local staticObj = { ["name"] = "MassLaunch Fantail Tomcat 4", -- unit name (Name this something identifiable if you wish to remove it later) -- Copy and paste over this with the units information ["livery_id"] = "VF-41 Black Aces AJ101 (1991)", ["category"] = "Planes", ["offsets"] = { ["y"] = 12.199912370008, ["angle"] =
  6. Reccelow

    AI wingmen

    Be careful tanking with AI. I've been hit 3 times, twice while refueling and once while just about to plug. In the former cases, both times the AI dove off the hose into me. Didn't matter which side I was on, when disconnecting both dove into me. Seems they like to go inboard on disconnect. The last time I was just about to plug and was hit from behind on the left hose even while the right was empty. No indication or call he was there or cleared in. Now I just stay in lose parade until they leave....
  7. I regularly use this (I have Kindle version...) for the F-14 squadrons, deployments, etc. May be of help....."CVW-US Navy Carrier Air Wing Aircraft Volume 1 1975-2105" https://www.amazon.com/CVW-CARRIER-AIRCRAFT-PHANTOM-CRUSADER-ebook/dp/B07PNYVRY2
  8. The last update now incorporates the F14A, and I do see it listed in Moose. However Airboss is not recognizing it. I'm sure it's a naming convention error, how can I verify Moose is including the proper name? AIRBOSS.AircraftCarrier={ AV8B="AV8BNA", HORNET="FA-18C_hornet", A4EC="A-4E-C", F14A="F-14A_tomcat", F14B="F-14B", F14A_AI="F-14A", FA18C="F/A-18C", S3B="S-3B", S3BTANKER="S-3B Tanker", E2D="E-2C", C2A="C2A_Greyhound", }
  9. Indications are that these interfere with the new F-14A update. Perhaps the authors can look into this?
  10. Did the update, loaded up a mission, added in the the A and got....this???? The AI one looks better... Rolled back my version, rebooted, updated to (openbeta) same thing.
  11. This has been bothersome for some time now. Every now and then when doing A-G in the F-14 I will lose the "Hot Trigger" indicator and cannot drop ordnance. I can switch to AG Guns and it comes on again, switching back to ORD, it goes out and pickle is dead. This happens when switching back from the RIO cockpit. I'll be in the back getting setup for LGB designation and go back up front and the pickle is dead. This can happen after dropping one or two LGB's successfully . I've tried almost every switch and combination, even remap the pickle, just wont come back. Everything else is fine, al
  12. May I add a suggestion to the above? How about "Carrier Qualification" ie: completed the necessary traps within parameters, day/night etc. I remember the P3D program vLSO ( https://cfosfsx.wixsite.com/home/vlso ) had this....
  13. Regards adding DL to CVN-75: "Add CVN-75 to the data link capable carriers" I'm not seeing this as active after the update (prior saved or new mission created). Is there something else to do to enable it? It does not show in the Jester DL Host menu, not sure where to look for the actual freq to input in the RIO pit Has anyone have the DL working for CVN-75? Disregard, I see this will become active after the next update not yesterdays....
  14. Perhaps I'm missing something, is the Data link active on CVN-75? Jester doesn't list it in his options (he does with CVN-71/72/73) I've tried inputting the freq that shows with the other carriers manually in the RIO cockpit, which appears not to work. Is there a script or action that needs to be loaded first in the ME (as in TACAN/ICLS)? This is the system required for ACLS with the F-14 correct?
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