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  1. I've only ever used twist grip stick, previously T1600 now VKB. Also fly IL-2 and !L-2 Cliffs of Dover same way. Dont "chase" the yaw on takeoff/landing, add a small amount and gauge the response. The amounts needed vary dynamically as speed increases/decreases. The damping on the VKB stick make it almost effortless
  2. There is an AI one, works ok, needs some good repaints.....
  3. Thank you for the response, and I agree with your points about the dynamic weather. I'm OK with it, I dont expect "activeSky" type injections, and its fine for what it does. I use it in conjunction with DSMC "semi-dynamic" campaign creation with random weather. To be clear what I'm looking for is to have Airboss turn the carrier into wind for the recovery window and disregard the speed value. Perhaps something like : function AIRBOSS:AddRecoveryWindow(starttime, stoptime, case, holdingoffset, turnintowind, speed(true/false, ((if true then nn knts)) ), uturn)
  4. AIRBOSS question on the following: function AIRBOSS:AddRecoveryWindow(starttime, stoptime, case, holdingoffset, turnintowind, speed, uturn) -- @param #boolean turnintowind If true, carrier will turn into the wind 5 minutes before the recovery window opens. -- @param #number speed Speed in knots during turn into wind leg. I would like to be able to set the boats speed in the ME and accept whatever over-deck I get from the dynamic wind. Under dynamic weather with high winds the boat comes to a complete stop if the resulting wind over deck is more than 30 . I
  5. Hi Admiral, What are your thoughts on a CVN-65 such as this? https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-model-carrier-uss-enterprise/856662
  6. It's in this topic, on page two I think...
  7. This is all truly fantastic stuff. May I bother the pioneers here to post some of their modifications? Thanks for that lua checker link....thats a time saver!
  8. Outstanding efforts. I've been dabbling into this too, managed to add the deck crew to the standard carrier (my SC on the Syria map just kills the frames...). There was enough coordinate / mapping mismatch I couldn't make sense of the underlying systems. Like turning on the lights. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for that A6, looks great on my "USS Ranger" (quick number edit of the CVN-77 mod...) Question: The AI as statics on deck don't have folded wings, is this something I can fix with your instruction?
  10. Excellent job as always. Thank you
  11. Fantastic. Any chance of a VAQ-130 (line)? This is for CVW3/CVN-75 missions....
  12. I'm obviously having too much fun with this..... Here is a template for the Syria map for Operation Northern Watch (or start of OIF) Polygon borders for Iraq with the No Fly Zone Command centers in Baghdad, Kirkuk, Mosul and H3 with a few SAMs for defense A flight of MiG25s (airborne of course..) from Tammuz AB just west of Baghdad heading to the edge of the northern No Fly Zone ONW1.stm
  13. I haven't noticed that myself, so far it catches up and stays in formation on SEAD escort and tanks with the KC135 at over 300..... Here's a couple screens, one doing 286 and one at 317. I've made no changes to the mod....
  14. As another experiment, I've placed a carrier (CVN-74) in the Red Sea. Turns out the "Red Sea" is not water, but ..digital pink sand...? So its stationary, but functional. I did a flight to find it and a couple traps to check, TACAN and ICLS work. Here's a template for anyone to use with Syria map Pretty easy to find, head south to the Gulf of Aqaba, follow it to the Straits of Tiran/Red Sea, turn left and head about 150 or so for about 20NM INS: N 27 17.3/E 34 59.1 (F-14 format) Speed 0 Heading 160 Once you get within 250NM, TACAN 74X comes up and ICLS
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