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  1. As a temporary solution, I have assigned a button on my throttle to hide/unhide controls on the profile. Quite sure there must be a better way to do this.
  2. I hope this is the right forum to ask: I have the stock kneeboard available for other modules while using an helios profile, but, for the life of me, I can't get it to work with an m2000c one. The kneeboard is available if the helios profile is not active but not if I activate it, perhaps something I have to do in the profile that stupid me cannot figure out?
  3. On current stable ( I noticed that when using bombs with CCIP and then switching to cannons (by using the CAS button on the PCA) the piper is not correct: the slant range is not computed correctly and so it shows the wrong impact points and the counter-clockwise range indicator doesn't wind down. The bug can be worked-around by cycling with WSC aft/fwd. it should be fairly easy to reproduce (for instance with the M07 training mission or the ground attack instant action mission): after you select bombs on the PCA and go into ground attack mode with WSC fwd, select CAS on t
  4. Still present in current STABLE ( Was it fixed in Open Beta?
  5. Thats nothing, I had one once that was flying upside down and BACKWARD... PS. Its a known issue (see here for instance ZOMBIE BOMBERS - AI bombers cannot be destroyed - Page 2 - New Damage Model Bugs - ED Forums (eagle.ru))
  6. I noticed in my "dynamic generated" ww2 campaign that my American ground forces were constantly obliterated by the German ones. Out of curiosity I made a simple mission test of a 6 vs 6 battle (attached). The second test is exactly the same as the first but with positions reversed, just to check if position was playing a role. I did 5 test for each (no time compression) and indeed the Panzers always manage to destroy all the Shermans with no or one loss. Is this behaviour correct? test_ww2_ground.miz test_ww2_ground_reverse.miz
  7. Sorry, no, I'm not on the open beta. This is on Well ....
  8. I noticed this "zombie" behavior on other planes, notably the Kurst and the Dora (I'm not sure about the Anton). Is any evidence needed (I can grab some screenshots)?
  9. Any chance of this getting fixed? Its a real deal breaker.
  10. Also for the air-to-ground modes, it seems that the radar modes are not reset correctly after CNM neutral. For instance going to CAS and using CNM forward after using guns in air-to-air and a boresight radar mode will result in the HUD (and I guess radar) not in a2g but still a2a.
  11. These are two issues I also noticed myself : I'm just reporting them again here in case they are being forgotten. Can anybody access the razbam bug tracker and check if they are logged already or eventually add then?
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