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  1. My question is that in HACQ mode 'short', when you look straight forward it now defaults to the boresight circle in the hud in 2.7 (as it should do), it didn't seem to before (or at least was very problematic), you had to aim off with the plane and use the helmets 'boresight' all the time when in that ACM mode pre patch to achieve best results. But Does HACQ 'long' translate to the same 40 mile range with the hud boresight circle when looking straight forward and flying directly at a target, along with the 40 mile range of the helmet looking off bore of the planes axis?
  2. I haven't ever tested, but have often wondered, with the JHMCS turned on, SCS forward short is boresight/Helmet acquisition to 10 miles, but SCS forward long is helmet acquisition to 40miles, does that also carry across to boresight when your looking straight forward....
  3. You need to change the aging as described above (to 16 or 8), and unless your close and chasing set PRF to high.
  4. I happened to make this vid a while back, I know its a Hornet not a Viper, but at 10,000 feet you can hit a truck, as long as no wind in CCRP,
  5. F16 tooling around, The new clouds are simply fantastic.
  6. I'd much prefer a B and C/D (flip of a coin), but an E and an N would be a close second choice.
  7. Because we talk to each other.....
  8. Would absolutely love a 'Jester, priority next TWS track' button. When there's a couple of us flying together (both front seat) its a pain that one of us has to go to STT lock and can only fire one missile, as both our Jesters want to lock the same targets in the same order in TWS, when in a multi bandit BVR engagement.
  9. No, because the official name isn't as good and Viper is used commonly by its pilots and crews.
  10. I mean, why wouldn't you What's not fun about doing this! PS, @Mover love your channel
  11. This, SA15's have for as long as I've been attacking them been able, but not everytime.
  12. I was born there too! Always thought Broadstairs was the nicest of the towns, but lived in and preferred the surrounding villages in Thanet.
  13. Living fairly close to Margate, I can only say its disappearance would be no great loss.
  14. I don't know if this is intended or not, but I noticed the other day that on my squads training server, when I was attacking a SA-10, defended by several SA-15's, that the SA-15's didn't react to my HARMS if fired from POS RUK mode, yet if fired from HAS mode did? I presume the mode fired shouldn't make a difference with regard to that... 4 HARMS fired in HAS mode, all shot down, Exactly the same target and approach, but fired in POS mode, all four not intercepted, SA-15's don't react at all.
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