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  1. AGM-65G (which the DCS encyclopedia claims has a 300 pounds warhead and is meant for hardened targets) causes a minor (app. 10%) damage to ships (in this case Molnyia class). Tried it several times. On the other hand, H variant of AGM-65 (with a smaller warhead) appears to cause more damage (app. 25%) to Monlniya.
  2. Where is the Radar OFF switch in the cockpit? I assume panel on the right?
  3. Nevermind, found the solution: https://imgur.com/a/R5PVlcq
  4. I'm trying to use these pedals for rudder and breaking, however, DCS does not appear to differentiate the G29 pedal axis from my Warthog HOTAS axis. Any way of fixing this? Thanks in advance.
  5. ^^Yeah, it misteriously dissapeared with the most recent patch...
  6. Yeah, I was like: "Hey, who would've guessed there are so many letters in the alphabet??" :D:D
  7. Not sure if this falls under "it's still an early access" issue or am I doing something wrong. Anyway, after calling inbound, and getting inside 3/4 of a mile, I still don't have the "call the ball" option in my radio menu so I have to call it by key bind. My LSO responds to the call but during the approach gives almost no feedback (my approaches are definatelly NOT that good :D). I tried the whole procedure several times and it's always the same: LSO is not very chatty..but is happy to give me a C grade afterwards! :) Any suggestions are welcome.
  8. I don't have a problem with SC being delayed. I am not sure though why did the team wait for the April 15th, the planned release date, to announce the delay? Epecially, as noted in the OP, when the team was aware of the "no go" issues on April 11th? I believe the delay should have been announced at least few days (or at least a day) earlier, not at the very day we were expecting the module to be released in early access. The way you handled the timing of the announcement, you sure, unneccessarily, if I may add, dissapointed a lot of people (though I know this was certainly not your
  9. I hope it gets released tomorrow. If they planned on postponing it, I don't think they would wait until the release date to say to (for obvious reasons).
  10. VR performance loss here, as well. Even on simple missions with small amount of units.
  11. I can confirm this problem. My Viper always veers to the right during landing..which is problematic if you're air-braking (i.e. nose up) at the same time..
  12. ^^You're right, it's there. Apparently, I was looking under the wrong (Missiles) menu.. Thank you for the help! :)
  13. Just updated with the latest patch and I can't seem to find this weapon in the menu? And yes, I have "Ground Attack" role selected.
  14. Ok. this is how I do it: 1. I "designate" the target via TGP (i.e. "box" it) 2. I switch to Mav Display and uncage it 3. I switch back to TGP display and press TMS Up 4. The Mav seeker locks onto the TGP but it is still crossed and won't launch What am I doing wrong? :)
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