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  1. Helicopter sinking through building when trying to land on helipad.
  2. Oh it isn't that hard. Any ham fisted dynamic manoeuvre does the job usually :D
  3. To get directional stability without working tail rotor in cruise flight you need the stabilizers. The most common way to lose your tail boom in game is collision with main rotor blades. In this case, it usually cuts the boom at a point that these stabilizers are gone as well. So best you can do in this moment is cut the fuel, try to touchdown with no pitch or bank and cushion with remaining rotor energy.
  4. The cheat to land the DCS Hip is learning how to quickstop it. Once you manage this to a full stop mid air without losing altitude, just repeat it close to the ground and lower collective, ez game :joystick::pilotfly:
  5. The DCS Mi-8 has huge power reserves... But yeah if you want to come in the last hundred meters vertical you will have to take at least 20 seconds to do so VRS free! SWP below HOGE altitude can only happen if you pull in power so fast that rotor RPM drops because Governor is a bit slow.
  6. The difference between "settling with power" and VRS is in the aerodynamics. During settling with power the engine/rotor is decelerating your descent by applying power. If you had more room downwards you would stop at some point. In VRS the engine/rotor is accelerating your descent by applying power. If you had more room downwards you would accelerate more. At some point where VRS is fully developed (whole rotordisc in downwash) you will lose the lateral and longitudinal control of the cyclic and cross-control/sidestep/vuichard recovery is not an option anymore. At this point y
  7. The Lynx story sounds like it might have slightly raised your heartbeat when it happened. :smilewink: For the stuck pedal exercise, might sound stupid but i really need to focus (too much:doh:) to keep my feet still to simulate it. Otherwise I get that "Forget what my feet are doing" effect and just move them automaticaly where they dont belong for the exercise. So a little support from the Sim would help here... It's great to practice "no pedal" takeoff and landings already though. :joystick::pilotfly: Will have to demonstrate stuck pedal soon on checkride on H269...
  8. Thank you Oldahpilot for your well formulated post. You clearly have a lot of experience to share and I am happy to read more about it. I heard the story of the Gazelle which lost the TR drive and realized it only half an hour later. For the DCS Huey I would really like to see anyone demonstrate a power on landing with a clipped tailrotor. I had to try few times after coming too close to a tree/fence/ground during hard quick stops and it was always a huge relief flipping that fuel cutoff switch after spinning few times all around the place. In the DCS Gazelle it would actually b
  9. Your approach works on certain types depending on how much altitude and speed you got to start with. But you wouldn't stop but rather run it on to a flat surface between 80 and 110 knots depending on weight and wind.
  10. Yeah this works and it's what I am doing now. Still if we dream about tail rotor failure options I was thinking to throw this one in.
  11. As much as I would like to have additional training options, I'm afraid this one is not so easy. The complete tailrotor gearbox failure doesn't leave you much options anyway beside cutting the engine and entering autorotation. More interesting from my point of view would be the option to simulate "stuck pedals" at different positions e.g. high power/ low power of different magnitudes.
  12. Do you fly other helicopters beside the Hip? It seems like you might struggle with general rotary aerodynamics not related to the Mi-8 itself. In general I would say undershooting a bit is not that bad, just slow it down without loosing your landing spot out of sight and then sneak in the last bit in hover taxi. For the setup of controls, i guess you can make anything work if you try hard enough. I am using a Logitech G940 and my configs look like this on Mi-8 (and Huey): DZ 0 X 100 Y 100 Curve 0 The only chopper where I am using curves is the Gazelle. T
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