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  1. Thanks PeeJott117. Fun times.
  2. Yep. Seen the discussions on the forums and nukes.
  3. I can't see what the lil smiley dude is doing so I'll take that as a wait and see for the 15th. EDIT: Hey, did you get us nukes?
  4. Do you have good contact with the modeller? Any chances of making the Canadian variations? No 20 MM gun and then with the 20 MM and added RWR antennas? Also to remove the IR seeker that is on the G model?
  5. Lookup the Joint Operations Wing, CANUS group https://jointopswing.com/ A lot of these guys are mid to western time zone so probably work good. Or look up 5EVC https://www.5vwing.com/ Mostly Quebec based in the eastern time zone but pretty much work in the English language.
  6. Looks good. Can't see the real details at 400 kts
  7. Any idea if the new bird will be able to loft bombs? The low level pitch up style attack?
  8. Cool. Been enjoying this the last couple of days. Maybe a RCAF/CAF style pilot as well?
  9. Did they make it out of the shop? Can't find them. Or are they for the re-release?
  10. Sounds interesting. What did the mod bring? I've been simulating running out of the mountains and to the south west past Kutaisi as the sim Red River Valley in the F105. There is a high feature on the east side that could be used as Thud Ridge and then striking targets closer to the coast sim Hanoi. Just missing a flak mod for a bit more realism for the visual effect.
  11. Do you have Flaming Cliffs?
  12. Ok. I dont want it shooting into the ship either.
  13. Looks like the CIWS is aligned forward? Ok. Well if you decide to do it. I would rather toss some cash into get a higher quality base model.
  14. That Sketchup would take a lot of work. That's the original configuration of the Tribal class. The model I linked is post modernization with a 76MM gun and SM2. I'll toss in cash to get a proper 280 as well.
  15. Future model maybe? https://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/484432
  16. Its right in front of the HF whip antennas. BTW, one set is 30 ft and the other is 18 ft. Yes both sides.
  17. Quick release are chains. Guess I'm so used to seeing it just don't remember seeing it. The 20 man life rafts are strapped down and have a quick release set on them. If the ship sinks it will automatically release and a painter line attached will auto inflate the raft. Thing in the middle is a light stack. Stern running light and other things. You can see someone pointed out in the pic about the windows. That is the FLYCO position and it merges with the top of the hangar. When you add the deck locker on the quarterdeck, you can add them to the mezzanine deck and the flag deck. Torp tubes are duals. Model has triples.
  18. That's the loadout except with wing tanks. Normal RP6 flights had 6-8 750 lbers. Or EW pods on the wingtips, or a single AIM9. So I guess I could copy the Mk82 centerline loadout? Replace them with M117s? Why didn't the loadout work? I'm new to luas and understanding their language so far is slow for me.
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