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  1. Do you have Flaming Cliffs?
  2. Ok. I dont want it shooting into the ship either.
  3. Looks like the CIWS is aligned forward? Ok. Well if you decide to do it. I would rather toss some cash into get a higher quality base model.
  4. That Sketchup would take a lot of work. That's the original configuration of the Tribal class. The model I linked is post modernization with a 76MM gun and SM2. I'll toss in cash to get a proper 280 as well.
  5. Future model maybe? https://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/484432
  6. Its right in front of the HF whip antennas. BTW, one set is 30 ft and the other is 18 ft. Yes both sides.
  7. Quick release are chains. Guess I'm so used to seeing it just don't remember seeing it. The 20 man life rafts are strapped down and have a quick release set on them. If the ship sinks it will automatically release and a painter line attached will auto inflate the raft. Thing in the middle is a light stack. Stern running light and other things. You can see someone pointed out in the pic about the windows. That is the FLYCO position and it merges with the top of the hangar. When you add the deck locker on the quarterdeck, you ca
  8. That's the loadout except with wing tanks. Normal RP6 flights had 6-8 750 lbers. Or EW pods on the wingtips, or a single AIM9. So I guess I could copy the Mk82 centerline loadout? Replace them with M117s? Why didn't the loadout work? I'm new to luas and understanding their language so far is slow for me.
  9. The rails go all the way across the stern. There is only one capstan aft. It's on the port side. I dont know what those boxes are.
  10. I don't get that feeling sitting in my chair in the rec room.
  11. Hi. Where did you get the M117s on the C/L hardpoint? Usual load going up north was 6 M117s C/L and one on each wingtip until they started running out and loaded less. Have to find some new skins also I see.
  12. Seeing how we now have a Thud model, did anyone ever make any Vietnam RP6 style missions? I can see coming from the east as a run down towards Thud Ridge into Hanoi.
  13. Don't forget to paint your hangar door the same colour.
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