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  1. Deephack, has just finished an excellent series on the harrier. He’s now doing viper. Overkill also has a superb harrier series. these 2 are the best. Both on utube obviously
  2. Thanks Shagrat. Yes, I usually start pre aligned, 2.7 must have reset it. Thanks again
  3. Hi after d/loading 2.7 I no longer have a flight path marker. Also, the ‘DESG’ button on the ehsd is no longer there. Is this part of the new upgrade ?
  4. On EHSD you need to be in AG mode to change the laser code. be aware there is SSS down and SSS aft both totally different. Can’t understand why you need to SSS down x4. X2 works fine with me.
  5. Watched a tutorial on YouTube. Dropping iron bombs on bombing circles. Are these available in the main game or as a mod ?
  6. I was having the same problems. I started a thread called ‘IRMV again’. The bit of advice I got solved it for me. It was my blunder. I use a T16000m and the 4 way ‘Chinese’ hat switch does not have a ‘depress’. I was reading it as aft, instead of down. I allocated another switch for sss depress and it all fell into place. Understanding how the sensors work together is tricky but vital. Anyway, probably not helping you. IRMVs are easier with the DMT but more satisfying with the TPOD, as it takes more skill. Watch a bloke called ‘Overkill’ on YouTube. ‘Deephack’ has started a AV8b series on You
  7. Thank you Draken35. Worked a charm. Progress.
  8. Hi folks. Pulling my hair out. Just when I think I’m making progress. I think I’m struggling understanding the relationship between other sensors and TPOD. Weapon is rdy, slewed tpod to target, locked up via point track, uncaged but for the life of me I can’t get sss forward to engage IRMV mode. My mav seeker screen says ‘map’ in the top left corner. Any ideas ?
  9. I’ve been trying to use this with varying degrees of success. Watched lots of utube vids. Biggest issue is I keep switching to DMT, then I have to switch tgp back on. It seems the instruction, ‘sensor select aft’ twice isn’t what’s needed to allow tdc control of the pod. Any advice ?
  10. Nah. Not that. Doesn’t work with keyboard either in the occasions it’s doesn’t work.
  11. I’ve been having an intermittent issue with being unable to zoom from x8 to x23. I’ve got the function mapped to my hotas. It works about half the time. When it doesn’t it makes deploying certain weapons near impossible. Is it a known bug or some other know issue. Thank you.
  12. Having a bit of difficulty getting to drop a line of fab100 bombs along a column of vehicles. I’ve got 2x pylons with 4 Fab 100 bombs each. I select salvo to 1x bomb and select an interval of 0.4. However when I pickle, a whole rack of 4 bombs drop off with no interval. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.
  13. Thanks guys. My gamma was at 1.2. Bumped it up to 1.6. Seems a wee bit better.
  14. Even in fine bright weather my cockpit is very dark, even with my interior lighting on. Is this normal or should I tinker with my game settings. Thank you..
  15. Hi folks. Trying to get my head round A/A, after managing to learn the basics of A/G. I’m struggling. How do I actually lock up a target ? For example I’m in the correct master mode, I slew my curser over a target on my FCR. Then what ? Thanks for your patience
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