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  1. Don't listen to the negativity, we all should realize that coding so complex piece of software is not easy, there will be mistakes and things unseen. When I've choose to install open beta, I've accepted that fact, and am aware of it and accept all flaws. I see that you are doing your best to upgrade and fix. Don't have a problem to wait a few days for a fix, my life does not revolve around pc game/sim.
  2. gorky85

    F-15E UFC poll

    My vote goes to... Modern version. There is a nostalgia for Jane's F-15, but still I like more digital display in that cockpit setup.
  3. Yes, you have to adjust throttle curves to match detent point. It's not complicated, just requires some messing around with manual curves, you will be done with it in 5 minutes max. This is the reason I love my Warthog throttle, that detent is making it so much easier to control AB usage.
  4. I've noticed the same, especially im dogfight mode, won't lock target, or lock for a fraction of a second
  5. Will try it, just to se is there a difference. Not that it does make sence to play it without lol It wasn't an issue before. Poslano sa mog VOG-L29 koristeći Tapatalk
  6. I also delete fxo and metashaders after updates. OK, it's not me then, I'm sure it will be fixed.
  7. Didn't see it before, just now, without it it's holding solid 60 (limited), 2D, with floods dropping to 40-45
  8. Would love to... Not sure what info should I give, I'm little new in bug reporting area... I would appreciate some guidelines.
  9. It's disabled. Using same settings as day before patch. Noticed drop only with flood lights on, other lights and instrument backlights are not problematic.
  10. Since 20.02.2020. patch, experiencing huge fps drop in jf-17 cockpit, was fine day before.
  11. After the latest patch 20.02.2020. I'm experiencing huge fps drop in cockpit only when flood light are on. Anyone has the same issue?
  12. True, no coords in that windows also. I'm sure they will iron that out, but it's worth mentioning because it makes problems with in aircraft waypoint entering and editing. Since some aircraft are using different formats
  13. Since 2.5.6. I cannot change map coordinates format, options accepts change but in F10 map format stays the same. Same thing with trying to change it with keybind in game, coordinates format don't change.
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