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    BTW SU35S from PLANET THE JOCKS PLAYGROUND in the video that I posted has Superhornet engines and FLY BY WIRE!. It is not the same as a standard SU35S.
  2. TACAN on the HUD can be extremely useful, there is a way to put it up on the HUD but I cannot remember how so I'll have to go back and read the manual.
  3. That isn't going to help you navigate the Universe John but THE SYSTEM WIDE NAVIGATION SYSTEM will continue to help everyone else except ROCKET LAB! NIEN ROCKET LAB! NIEN! I see their V2 Rockets still are not able yet to get past the Gravity Shell! They are not in orbit yet.
  4. John Harper M12(recently demoted by ?) ORANGA TAMARIKI THE WAFFENSS THE SECRET POLICE THE BLACK LAB TELEPATHY DIVISION TRAFFIC DIVERSION, THE GESTAPO THE GCSB THE BLACK LAB TELEPATHY DIVISION TRAFFIC DIVERSION, THE NEW ZEALAND SECURITY INTELLIGENCE SERVICE THE WAFFENSS THE BLACK LAB TELEPATHY DIVISION TRAFFIC DIVERSION, what caused you to tumble from M14 to M12? Regarding a Satellite landing on a comet how do you guys think that they did it? I can tell you they got help from somewhere! They used THE SYSTEM WIDE NAVIGATION SYSTEM and something else in order to achieve it. It is a g
  5. It is being used by both NASA and some Military Organisations for AEROSPACE NAVIGATION. 48 Trillion Dollars but the price was set by HumanKind.
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    DCS MiG-29A

    GRYPHON is an AEROSPACE-FIGHTER, 100 000 fighter jets = a few seconds with a death ray while zhukov032186 is breathing through a straw for all eternity.
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    That is you and your rank Mister Wafflehead!
  8. You know it gets even funnier, have a guess how they managed to land a Satellite on a Comet? They have a Tablet from Heaven in NASA and that is what they used to accomplish that but where did TELEMETRY come from in order to track and locate the satellite?........
  9. Here is some technology for Aerospace Flight. (1) The System Wide Navigation System - YouTube
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    There is no appendages on GRYPHON. The paint is white, the yellow flashes are sun light and REPULSOR FIELD.
  12. No one had requested FBW to be coded in the past for the F-15.
  13. The Hornet can do a Cobra, it is all about CoG lol. The Super Hornet can do it as well. Ok how to do it, external fuel tank on the center line and do not feed fuel off it. Now you test pilots find the numbers. Hint 2000lbs internal fuel.
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    The real name of that AEROSPACE-FIGHTER is GRYPHON. Do not call GRYPHON Tic Tac. GRYPHON is 425 meters long and 275 meters wide and is wedge shaped. The reason why people saw a smaller Tic Tac shape is because the image was secret at the time and was obscured with a holographic image that people described as a Tic Tac. GRYPHON can reach faster than light within the atmosphere and stop on a dime. Pilots name is "Daniel" callsign "WRAITH" for those who've been rescued by him. (1) Triangular UFO appears in the sky over Amsterdam - YouTube This is what the Hornet pilots act
  15. FBW Updates? That video is from "PLANET THE JOCKS PLAYGROUND" and they are not the real Blue Angels. 5.10 take off and barrel roll. Earths Blue Angels do not do that kind of take off for safety reasons. You'll also find something interesting in regard to aircraft serial numbers.
  16. No, there is a lot more that was added to the F-15EX.
  17. Both would be good addons in DCS, the F-15EX is new so we'd have to wait and see what it can do. F-15E would be a good addon as well.
  18. F35B since the upgrade is awesome to fly. There'll be more added to the F35's and they will kick ass in performance.
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    For an addon the other versions are just small differences in the cockpit. It would be good to have the other versions modeled someday. For some of them it is just a button as the rest is identical in how they operate. It is a bit more if they model a drag chute or conformal tanks but the cockpits are mostly identical.
  20. 128 bit is coming and it is way faster.
  21. No the US has the best gear now, it is well beyond 5th gen.
  22. AH64E is a good Gunship, does that version have APKWS?
  23. No, some of that technology is more recent.
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