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  1. F35B since the upgrade is awesome to fly. There'll be more added to the F35's and they will kick ass in performance.
  2. SUBS17


    For an addon the other versions are just small differences in the cockpit. It would be good to have the other versions modeled someday. For some of them it is just a button as the rest is identical in how they operate. It is a bit more if they model a drag chute or conformal tanks but the cockpits are mostly identical.
  3. 128 bit is coming and it is way faster.
  4. No the US has the best gear now, it is well beyond 5th gen.
  5. AH64E is a good Gunship, does that version have APKWS?
  6. No, some of that technology is more recent.
  7. We have the A-10C II and that aircraft is from last year! It is the newest technology on an aircraft ever modeled in DCS.
  8. F-15EX with new tech will be awesome.
  9. The F35 is getting new tech it will kick ass with the new upgrades.(DAVID FRENCH will be foiled again!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVmO7ZhBObw Look at this David French lol, I really like this performance in something from a certain persons Hangar.(someone had to strip it down and rebuild it to get this good) And of course the Pedal Turn which I call the Pirouette. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Xygbw6t_z0 Now the F35 kicks ass.
  10. Sound of four Su-57 (for connoisseurs) - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zid1Nv-FfyQ SU57.
  11. MAKS is not on Earth, MAKS and the TIGERMEET are at THE JOCKS PLAYGROUND! It is unsafe to pop the chute before landing in an SU57 or any other aircraft type. You will not find that place on Earth.
  12. No it is unsafe to land like that, you're supposed to touchdown first and then pop the chute. Take a look at all of the videos on youtube, the F35 is not a sluggish brick. And soon its capabilities will be greatly increased beyond what they originally were.
  13. There will be a movie in the future which features Falcon 4 Allied Forces and DCS. That movie is called "THE INTERCEPT!" But it is not like Tron lol.
  14. Being a DRONE is someone else flying it when someone is in it. BTW Departures and flips scare the crap out of people, always bring a bag to chuck into. For that sort of flying it is too low and too close to that house and the people and vehicles on the ground. Also they should not be using smoke generators when flying above the runway. It is a unique design to this history but it would be classed as an aircraft at that size, the CAA rules apply.
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