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  1. F/A-18 Hornet - Rudder Flutter at Slow Speed Tight Turn - YouTube
  2. They are not spying, they are doing their own thing and others are observing them. You're an idiot that is clearly obvious Gestapo Man.
  3. (1) F-35 Helmet Cam Footage Of Shipborne Rolling Vertical Landing (SRVL) - YouTube F35B Landing.
  4. F-14 might be coming back, it is in the small print! Imagine that! Now for some TECH!!!
  5. The one on the F/A-22 is not fitted on Earth. I wonder who the pilot is? Sentient Kind do not fly Stealth aircraft or AEROSPACE-FIGHTERS. Do you have a radar image to support that?
  6. The loss of the F-14 was due to one person and their CHATEL. The F-14 could still return with improvements such as FBW and better ordnance, it could also return if the CHATEL of Davids were to be UNSEATED which is weird but that is his wacky cult and their influence on the World. (TURDSHERA!)
  7. You can send your helicopters, do the people on board notice a ringing sound? lol.
  8. God has a Harley Davidson, people ride bikes in Heaven. This technology is too much for you so you can go away then.
  9. No, the same tech is going to be available for cars it uses a combination of REPULSOR FIELD and GRAVITY SHADOW. Where a GRAVITY SHADOW field pops out and protects the passengers and vehicle while a REPULSOR FIELD BOX snatches an anchor point in space halting velocity without G. It is set off by a sensor that detects the collision. It has a lot of uses but protecting people from crashes in both aircraft and vehicles is two of them. It could also be used for motorbikes. It is only a small unit. In the case of an aircraft and vehicle the engines go to idle/neutral, aircraft need to be recovered o
  10. Right, go to the Patents Office and take a look or is the World still flat to you.
  11. You do that and continue hiding underground. lol.
  12. SUBS17


    There is a video of a UFO going underwater that was filmed by US Navy FLIR.
  13. The new tech may also include something that makes the aircraft fly smoothly without turbulence. BTW F35's are being shipped to Heaven for a refit and upgrade.
  14. SUBS17


    GRYPHON was underwater and surfacing when the Superhornet pilots spotted him.
  15. So, and again no. Go out and visit every F22 on the Planet and take a photo. Do any of them have what you see in that picture?
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