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  1. Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it. New update coming soon. I'll look into the cannon sounds, but I think this might be a matter of replace one, replace all - but I'll look into it in the next version. If you have any suggestions let me know, I can include them in v3? I'd rather no distributions are made of this mod, but I'm willing to put together a few alternate mixes for version 3.
  2. I am able to re-create this bug, was able to get to Mach 1.11, level flight, autopilot, once the weapons had been jettisoned. This only happens when weapons are jettisoned which indicates a bug - if it wasn't a bug and if the harrier was somehow capable of hitting M1.1 in level flight, then it would also happen without weapons.
  3. Thank you, I am glad you like the mod. I am currently working on version 3 which makes it behave like a separate module, and uses the saved games structure. This means it doesn't require re-installation if the Mig21 is updated. Also will have new cockpit and engine flameout sounds.
  4. Thank you, I am glad you like the mod. Unfortunately only the devs can add extra sounds such as airframe creaking to the module.
  5. Thank you. I did try this, however, for whatever reason as soon as I change anything more than a couple of letters in that file, slmod refuses to load. I'd already tried commenting out specific lines but it doesn't seem to work. I also cannot seem to get mission files that are selected through the -admin menu to stick after a server restart- it just defaults back to whatever mission was last loaded in the webgui.
  6. As soon as I launch the walleye, even after successfully getting video feed and slewing to target, I lose video signal. I have my DL pod turned on via the UFC, and the correct channel set. I follow the instructions set out in chucks guide to the letter. I have tried on both stable and openbeta and can get neither to work.
  7. Is there a way to customise the MOTD, if I set the custom MOTD to a string, that works fine- the issue is afterwards it spams the chat with several messages I don't want appearing. I have attempted to comment these out in MOTD.lua but then the whole mod stops working. Thanks.
  8. Thank you for the feedback :) I did make the internal afterburner quite a bit quieter than stock already, and am hoping to try and get a kick type sound added but that's something on the developers end. Things have been slow recently, am hoping to work on improved internal switch and canopy sounds in version 3.
  9. Thank you dimitry- personally I don't find the gear sound too annoying or loud- although the external view glitch is an issue with all modules (internal sounds play externally too). How would you like the gear sound changed?
  10. I do as follows: -At ~50km away from station, with needle aligned to correct runway and perfectly on track, I engage "proceed" -I follow the indicator, keeping it horizontally central -At <20km away I engage "Landing mode" -I attempt to engage the directional sau, the light flicks on then immediately flicks off. What am I doing wrong? I am at ~2000ft, sensible speed, 75% throttle? Thanks.
  11. I believe the in air restart feature is a separate system from the normal engine start, so there's a possibility it may be audible inside the cockpit. The sound does loop though, which is quite annoying.
  12. This is normal, stops the engine flaming out from smoke.
  13. Try following the re-install instructions in the readme if you didn't manage to fix it.
  14. I have not been able to re-create this, clean, with full fuel, the highest I could achieve was about 53,000ft or so and it was on a knife edge. I got to about 60,000 but just 1000ft more and it completely departed. I was able to zoom climb to 70,000ft, no idea how you achieved 80,000.
  15. I will look into this, thanks :) Unfortunately not possible for me to add new sounds, but I'm talking to M3 about it. Thanks for the feedback :)
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