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  1. Out of curiosity how is the Grom guidance supposed to work? We can't really "guide" it now, can we? It's more just designate a target via locked beam and keep it locked until impact - or maybe I've been using it wrong
  2. From my understanding the left anti icing can only be controlled manually, it does not turn on automatically (Presumably so that if for whatever reason the anti ice system caused the engine to lose power or stop, you only lose one engine not both when it turns on automatically) - to turn off the right hand engine you have to press the "General Off" button. See attached PDF. Mi-8 Ice Protection System (1).pdf
  3. Sound was from various sources mixed, mostly videos online.
  4. At the very least, you shouldn't be able to select an option that doesn't show up on the DDI. I did a bit more testing - it simply appears that when a SLAM is launched, the text for the option to select it disappears...I agree, it should either be selectable only via UFC with no "WPN" option at all and no working OSB next to the invisible text, or working via both with text. May have to ask SME's how it's supposed to be...
  5. When a SLAM is in range, and TCN/WPT is boxed to enable Coupled autopilot, the text for "IN RNG" and "CPL TCN/WYPT" overlaps on the hud. However, when the SLAM IS initially given a TOO the CPL AP disengages, you have to re-engage it to create the above.
  6. When you have more than one slam loaded, after launching the weapons and switching to the DL pod to get the live feed, pressing the OSB next to "WPN" should allow you to then choose which SLAM station you're getting video feed from. This does in fact work - you can press the OSB and it will switch between the stations - there's just no text to indicate the stations even though the buttons work and I'm sure text used to be there. It also works as I expect (with text) pre-launch. I believe this effects all maps and is specific to F18. Above was done on Syria map. To recreate: LOADOUT
  7. No...the cannon most definitely does not fire. It's a museum aircraft so I hope it doesn't...
  8. There have been changes with the way sound works for all aircraft with 2.7, my mod still works but I may make some adjustments. I am in the process of fetching recordings from the Mig21 cockpit, the weather should be warm enough now as it is stored outside.
  9. I am having an issue in which, since 2.7 using the develop branch, I am unable to have slmod running on more than one server instance. As soon as I add the hooks/net folders to the Scripts folder, to the second server instance, it causes all other servers to crash. Is anyone else able to reproduce this? EDIT: It was a faulty config file on one of the servers - it's something to do with the destination specified under admin_tools_mission_folder.
  10. Just waiting on the weather to warm up so the museum Mig 21 is accessible to get some sound recordings from the cockpit.
  11. Unfortunately don't have the log file anymore, but the issue was that it wasn't generating all of the necessary files in the slmod folder, for now I've rolled back to 7.5. Is there an ETA for when the current beta will be pushed to stable? Many thanks.
  12. I'm not sure if it's just me...but I feel like the recent changes that were made to external sounds on the F18 were a huge step backwards, and the previous sounds actually seemed realistic to what I imagined. Now, however, they just sound as if they've decided louder = better...it sounds identical at all angles. Furthermore you can hear the afterburner from the inlets which seemingly defies the laws of physics...and it sounds no different in or out of afterburner from the inlets either (not that you should hear the afterburner from the front doing Mach .9 at 30k feet, or at pretty much any spe
  13. Okay, just tried the dev branch and it does not appear to be working on latest open beta. The stable release works fine (aside from stats and other commands not working). On game start, the slmod folder is created - but some of the files are not created. No errors show in dcs logs, and slmod shows as loading correctly. No errors show in the slmod.log aside from a warning saying that one of the stats files cannot be read. Slmod does not respond to any commands in game.
  14. Is there something I'm missing here? The download link mentioned in the original post of this thread links to a repository that was last updated 5 months ago, is there a more up to date version you are referencing above? EDIT: Think you're referring to dev branch, apologies.
  15. Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it. New update coming soon. I'll look into the cannon sounds, but I think this might be a matter of replace one, replace all - but I'll look into it in the next version. If you have any suggestions let me know, I can include them in v3? I'd rather no distributions are made of this mod, but I'm willing to put together a few alternate mixes for version 3.
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