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  1. Houston we have a problem. I'm pretty sure pipelines aren't supposed to look like a roller coaster track. Unless the Syrians have some new tech for oil distribution. Have checked with another person they are seeing the same thing. Reference: Right on the line between CU92 and DU02 near the northern borders of both grids. There appears to be a total of seven spots that do this on this pipeline.
  2. I'm currently having an issue that I'm not sure quite how to get around. If I leave discord running, while playing DCS and running SRS my CPU usage stays around 80% or better which in turn appears to be causing an issue where when 1 person is talking on SRS they are somewhat choppy on my end. If two or more people start talking at the same time either on the same frequency or multiple they become so choppy I can't understand anyone. However, ICS (yes in the tomcat) remains solid and there are no issues through all of this. I know my system needs updating (it's nearly 8 years old) but is th
  3. OH dear God thank you!!! That was driving me nuts. Yes I was using the default keyboard hotkey
  4. I've done that too. I think you are right though. The only thing I haven't done is try changing the CV to a different model. Just to test if it's an issue with the GW.
  5. For the record that didn't resolve my issue either.
  6. You know I'm wondering if that might not be my issue. When I put the freq in, I put it in as 127.5 not 127.500 because I knew the system would drop the last two digits.
  7. So are me and the OP the only ones experiencing this problem or is it a "bug".
  8. I had the same issue in the Tomcat but in my case I set up the mission in the editor, set the radio freq for the George Washington and had jester tuned to that same freq. No response from the carrier.
  9. I'm sorry for any misconceptions I thought I made it pretty clear that I/we are looking around and trying to find the best group that will be the best fit for both parties concerned. If I left you with any other impression then I want to deeply apologize as that was not my intent. We haven't made any decision yet as we as a group have had a full plate with life over the weekend. We haven't ruled anyone in or out in our minds and hope that any misunderstanding with you won't adversely affect any decision in the future.
  10. Myself and two friends are currently looking for a new base of operations. We are new to DCS and currently do not own aircraft such as the F-18/F-16 or other (what I have heard termed)high fidelity model aircraft, however we do have aircraft from the FC3 pack either in part or in whole. While we all have experience with flight sims, I think I'm the only only one of us that had LOMAC and the other two have had other flight sim experience, so it's not a complete blank slate when it comes to learning but it is pretty close to it. That blank slate can be both a blessing and a curse as it offe
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