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  1. I see, my mistake, I thought the throttle was in the grip ... thanks for answering.
  2. The Blackhawk grip is expecting to going for release at the end of this year; by the way can someone please explain the differences between both VPC Rotor TCS, thanks.
  3. Massive FPS Drops. i7-9700k 3.60GHz - 16GB RAM - RTX 2080Ti - running on a SSD Clouds "Standard"
  4. Pre-ordered through Steam too, and a copy to my bro as well; first ever helicopter module bought on DCS, love that beast. P/S please release a tutorial how to fly on a X56 Hotas with out a collective, thanks.
  5. Ok thanks both, I'll will just copy and paste this for backup when i needed it.
  6. Thanks guys!, I hope when the Hind module come, that's options flight through a HOTAS don't be a mess for me.
  7. I am eagerly awaiting this module, as is the AH-64 Apache; I take the opportunity to consult since this would be my first helicopter module and I would like to know if it is possible to pilot it using a HOTAS X56 until VIRPIL launches its collective.
  8. Si, esa ubicación estaria perfecto, pero no veo como ingresarlo, me podrías dar una idea; estoy usando el software de Logitech para agregar/modificar comandos; o para este caso en particular uso directamente el de DCS? gracias por la ayuda de todos modos.
  9. Hello, thank you very much for your answer; At the moment I am only interested in making it work manually, I'll see if I can make it work.
  10. Hello, I'm working on the configuration of my X56 using the Logitech software, and I binding some commands, but I can't figure how to add the Chaff and Flares to my HOTAS, can I get some help, thanks.
  11. Buenas, recientemente adquiri un X56 y estoy intentando configurar los mandos para el F/A-18C, ya instale por ejemplo el tren de aterrizaje, frenos, aerofreno, etc, pero no se como incluir Chaff y Flares, o sea quisiera en un boton el Chaff y en otro Flares; desde ya muchas gracias.
  12. Superb work, thx for sharing
  13. Yes, I have read about it, but I understand that the first to be published will be the current version, leaving the 1982 version for later, maybe years later ..
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