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  1. As tu une liste "custom args" au bas de ton lua? Les arguments vont changer la position des borts. Ça n'a rien à voir avec les textures mais le codage du description.lua.
  2. First off, a few generic liveries....I've corrected a few issues that the Spitfire suffered from, namely the incorrect roundels, and the non-standard camouflage pattern. Links will be in my User Files page: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/filter/user-is-Megalax/apply/ Then I went ahead a made a few Canadian squadron skins: Special thanks to Jocko417 for letting me use his normal map.
  3. 44-13410, E2 C 44-13926, E2 S 44-13568, E2 A 42-106811 E2 H (?) Planning on doing the Bottisham Four as a pack. Not sure what to do about E2-H yet, since it's a P-51B. Shots of Lou IV/Athelene: Stay tuned.
  4. It doesn't but if you don't have the folder which contains the livery you want in your livery folder, then you won't get the livery you're looking for.
  5. Are you trying to install this livery into a default livery folder? If you are the game will revert it to the original every time you update. It could be just me, but I'm extremely confused as to what you're trying to do here. The livery is meant to be dragged and dropped into the livery folder, and that alone should be enough to get it to work.
  6. Its not, actually. You don't even have the folder corresponding to the skin in your directory. It's called 'Canada STU Chatham 314', which you don't have at all. Open the zip, then copy the entire folder called 'Canada STU Chatham 314' into your liveries directory.
  7. The Air Ministry didn't want different handed engines for the sake of simplifying the supply chain. Another example is when the RAF wanted the P-38 they demanded Lockheed make them with both engines rotating in the same direction. This coupled with the deletion of the turbochargers pretty much castrated the Lightning. Mossie pilots would stagger the throttles on take-off to help tame the yaw tendency until the fin and rudder became effective.
  8. How did you install it? Its not just a USAF logo issue, its not even the right base livery.
  9. It has potential, but I didn't like it compared to my nearly 15 year old TIR4. It seamingly always tracks your eyes, even though its disabled. Eye tracking was quite annoying for me with a large monitor because trying to coordinate eye and head movement together to focus on switches was very distracting, to the point where I got headaches. It also tracks your head by looking at a series of points on your face, so if you move your nose, your eyebrows or open your mouth the tracking starts jittering because it thinks you've moved your head. I upgraded to VR so I no longer need the Tobii.
  10. Megalax

    Cockpit art errors

    Clearly a red on-speed here.
  11. Unfortunately no. The only way to do that is to edit the skin directly.
  12. I've been recreating some of the default liveries in 8K, but have slowed down my livery making lately. I have one USN and one USMC livery in 8K, if you want to give those a whirl. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3316545/ https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313115/ I basically redid the entire outer textures. I have a thread about it here:
  13. In the User Files now. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3317462/
  14. The Wing/Squadron I am a part of uses them routinely in MP, so yes.
  15. You get blurry textures because you're upscaling. You have to do what I did and redo all the stenciling. As far as releasing a template, I would have to say no as its nearly 9gb just for the 2 main texture templates. This size makes it completely impractical for distribution.
  16. He just wants a thread that shows off helmets.
  17. -Nope. I highly doubt ED would ever release any models that are paintable in the future either. -Having skinned for this community for little over a year now, I'm going to say no. There are horrible skins out there, with gaps and misaligned textures, yet they still get praised. When you make a corrected version usually the answer is "oh someone already made that one look." Most players are not as detail oriented as skin artists so I wouldn't fret too much over a slightly misaligned texture set. Depends on the plane. Some are reused models, some are not.
  18. May I suggest editing the first post with relevant links, especially the release links? Github isn't exactly the easiest thing to navigate as well as information is starting to get buried in this thread.
  19. You found it? I mentioned to some friends that there was a special message on it and they still haven't found it.
  20. I made a folder in Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Cockpit\Textures that matches the zip...so Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Cockpit\Textures\FA-18C-CPT-TEXTURES In that folder I just placed a 1024x1024 dds file that is only the colour #ff05fb. I named the dds file F18C_cpt-glass_refl_RoughMet.dds and started up the game. You'll have to experiment with the baked in textures.
  21. Its doable, but there is a green glow at the front that isn't very realistic, so its just a matter of changing the baked texture. https://streamable.com/ckdv3q
  22. There was a lot of different schemes at the end of their service life, that one I believe is called "Faux Pas". Belcher bits has a pretty comprehensive decal sheet with most of the schemes.
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