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  1. I have a Reverb G2 and a Vive pro with the wireless module. Steam VR detects the Reverb first, I have to unplug it to use the Vive. For me it's not a problem and I can use one or the other whenever I want to.
  2. Any idea when we will be able to preorder on steam ?
  3. I have the same problem. Is your alignment super fast (less than 1 min) instead of 8 min ? I can't complete the campaign because the waypoints are not rpecise so the triggers don't work.
  4. Thank you ! I thought I was crazy ! I reported it on reddit too but nobody seemed to have noticed it ! I'm in exactly the same situation, I can't do the campaign because the waypoints are not at the correct place.
  5. I think it maybe comes from the INS alignment of the M2000C. I don't know why but since the last update my alignment is really fast (less than a minute). I noticed that my WP2 that should be the bullseye is not on the bullseye shown on the F10 map. When I go to the bullseye on the map the trigger starts but if I follow my INS it doesn't because it's not in the same place. I think my INS alignment doesn't work but I don't know why, it worked perfectly before.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to do the mission 7 from the M2000C Campaign but the triggers don't always work. Sometime it works, sometime not. The farther I went is the waypoint 4 but then nothing happened. I tried several times but each time one of the triggers doesn't work.
  7. I also got really poor framerate in VR on the syria map. What's strange is that when I leave the map I still have a lot of stutter in the main menu and my graphic card is used at 100%. I have to reboot the game to have a decent framerate. Maybe it's a problem with the latest nvidia drivers ? I didn't try installing the previous version. My config is : 8700k 2080ti 32GB ram @3200Mhz DCS on NvME SSD HTC Vive Pro 100% resolution
  8. I don't see it on steam. When will we be able to pre-order it on steam ?
  9. Hello everyone, I want to use a thumb button on my mouse for the VR zoom to be able to read more easily. The problem is that the game doesn't let me do it, why is that ? Does anyone know a method to do that ?
  10. Hello, When I play a campaign or a training mission the kneeboard doesn't auto load. It seems to work great in MP but not in SP, is there something I'm missing ?
  11. I also got a crash at the same point yersteday ! I attached the log. dcs.log-20200327-193822.zip
  12. Hello, I just wanted to say that this software is awesome and is exactly what I was searching for ! Thank you very much !
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