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  1. Hello All! I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I have noticed a strange phenomenon with the Mig-21 and the AV-8B, where the Mig seems to corrupt the kneeboard controls of the Harrier (see attached screenshots). So far I was unable to narrow down the cause of the issue, or find a way to deliberately trigger it, but it happens to me consistently if both modules are installed. Here's what I know so far: -Uninstalling or disabling the Mig-21 gets rid of the issue, the kneeboard controls revert to normal on the Harrier -Installing/enabling the Mig will not trigger the problem i
  2. This fix works, thank you so much! (There is also a weird side effect to this issue. The wrong lua file seems to affect other modules. I noticed that whenever I had the Mig-21 installed, the kneeboard bindings in the Harrier all turned orange and I was unable to change them. I also heard that other users had the same problem in the Mig-19 too (both RAZBAM modules?). So far the only way to fix this was to uninstall or disable the Mig-21, but correcting the joystick default.lua file got rid of the issue.) EDIT: After some testing the problem is back, but at least the ARU controls are still
  3. For anyone still looking for a fix try disabling the SSDP Discovery service in Windows. I have seen this suggestion in another thread and so far this has worked for me.
  4. Disabling SSDP helped me too! Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. The STOP button indeed puts you on the BIT page but it does not affect the head position, at least in my experience. I just doubt that irl the default stowed position of the pod would be "sensors forward", like we have it in the game. Even the LLTV pod on the Su-25t has shutters to protect the leses when turned off.
  6. Since we are discussing the LITENING, I just noticed that currently in the game the head always looks forward, even if the pod is on standby. I would think that kicked up debris could damage the lenses during takeoff and landing, especially in the Harrier where the nose gear is very close to the TPOD. Should't the head turn around when in standby to protect the sensors like on the picture? This one further illustrates the point:
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