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  1. Yeah I think cause the C Aim-54 used to be part amraam modelled it’s definitely changed just got to adapt to it
  2. Is it just me or are the Aim-54 useless jester breaks lock immediately after 30-40 seconds of launch and then they miss at only 60nm range which isn’t that bad where they used to almost always hit also they only work and I only get kills and almost within visual range like either my game is messed up or they don’t work or I don’t know how to use them.
  3. I’m going to try some more testing in a little to confirm but I’ve seen this for so long. We’ll see if I’m dumb or not
  4. So I set up a little mission with bombs and enemy aircraft. I destroy the ground targets but the air targets that are usually right in front of me do not show up and I have no ability to find them on radar even if they are within 10 nm. I don’t know if this is common or a huge error but I’ve been having it for a while and think it’s worth reporting.
  5. I hope it expands south ward I’d love more of Jordan so much
  6. I’m confused it seems like Jordan is a good chunck of the map but only one base/air port
  7. I never understood what does like Aim-7 loft mode mean compared to the other what does it do
  8. So how’s the backseater going to work without an AI? I mean I’ve heard you can fly it without a back seater
  9. Okay so we only get THE forrestal which is fine but I’m confused and forgetting what the issue with the AIM-54 is whether is it flight model related of that is to over powered
  10. I’m confused wait does the b now have some A isms to ?
  11. But there will I mean what if you want to play single player and also since dcs jtself has access to heatblurs work a jester type or simple ai could be made
  12. This is a quick question how many amrams can a f-15E hold and also How do you plan or think you will implement a wso
  13. Well in the next month they will hopefully sooner then later
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