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  1. I don't have enough experience to know what's a bug and what isn't...but this was so noticeable, I saved the track... HornetGunReticalRediculousness.trk
  2. I just want to get in 89-0487 and see how difficult it really is to drop a GBU-10 on a Hind...
  3. https://youtu.be/LQv9mdgBbdA
  4. Absolutely agree... In fact, I check the training syllabus after every single update, hoping that additional lessons have been added. @Wags Sometime soon maybe?
  5. Press keyboard 'S' while operating rudder pedals..... seems to work much better for me. Nosewheel turns approx 70-75 degrees from center.
  6. Valkyrie Aero livery please...
  7. I few of my favorites: Fiction: 'Flight Of The Intruder' and 'Final Flight' both by Stephen Coonts. Each reads like a detailed Tom Clancy novel. Both are very descriptive, and are written in a manner that puts the reader 'in-the-seat', so to speak. The actual movie 'Flight Of The Intruder' is.....well....just sad...when compared to the novel. Non-fiction: 'Top Gun' by George Hall. Published in the 1980's, it's still a solid read, includes amazing photography, and gives you a good idea of the requirements needed (during the 1980's) to
  8. @RoughmasterFantastic!! Thanks for taking the time to create those.. I'm very much looking forward to seeing them! Cheers!
  9. I have a humble request as well? I have not mastered the art of livery creation, so I was hoping someone would be interested in creating the F-16E/F Blk 60 Desert Falcons livery (with Arizona Fin Flash and tailcode)? USAF instructors trained the UAE crews and operated out of Tuscon International Airport with the 162ndFW.
  10. I may very well be that 'one weird guy' here... but I believe I would thoroughly enjoy an honest-to-goodness, by-the-book, flight instruction syllabus campaign for a modern tactical aircraft... Especially with the F-14...
  11. If someone decides to create a A-26, I have good audio of one starting up and idling..captured with binaural microphones while recording 4K video...
  12. I absolutely would buy this as soon as it dropped... But your statement of being a volunteer for a pair of A-26's, (a 'B' and 'K' specifically), is what piqued my curiosity... Other than my home state, I don't know of any other location in the world where 2 A-26's (specifically a 'B' and a 'K' as you mentioned) are maintained/hangared within a short drive of each other.. Anyway, hopefully we can get people on the A-26 bandwagon..
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