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  1. Hi Pastranario3... currently working on those campaigns, Normandy first. The issue I'm having is that the Flak had somehow been too accurate even at the lowest setting. First shot hit is a thing at anything below 10k ft. I'm still tweaking to get it working properly.
  2. This might be a dumb question.. but if I have Lens Effects on. Would the entire mod not work or just a certain feature?
  3. This consistently happens to me when I destroy a map static object/structure. The latest was when I had to bomb a warehouse in Operation Pontus. I'll try Buzzline's lua. Hopefully that fixes it. logbook.lua EDIT: Just some missions which included destroying map objects. Buzzline's lua fixed the issue.
  4. yes please... and also being able to group static units like normal active units.
  5. Same here. But its not consistent. Most missions end fine. But some missions (random) have the "End Mission" not working. I did notice that this happens when I destroy a structure. Like on mission 3 of the F14 Operation Caged Bear where you have to bomb a train/train station. logbook.lua
  6. Hi Guys, The Afghan Bear Trap is set in the NTTR map.
  7. I tried using the F-10 Coordinate box mod that came with 6.2 but I still couldn't grab coordinates when in VR. Pressing Caps Lock it the box tool on doesn't show the cursor pixel location in vr. Does still how it, but on the monitor. Does anyone have the working X/Y values for the Rift S?
  8. Hi SolidGad, I did some tests. I did notice that F-4s would take off. But at random one F-4 would de-spawn and the pilot and co-pilot would end up standing on the taxiway blocking everyone. This might be a DCS issue. But I'll try to figure it out.
  9. Hi Luse, Did you edit the MissionScripting.lua file in your DCS folder?
  10. nope.. They are definitely limited... And when you don't have enough for a flight of 4, you will lose the campaign.
  11. Hi Sydy.. Sorry for the wait man. Still working on the camapaign. Real life doesn't give me much time to finish it. But its getting there. Yes it will have the F16, F18, F14 (I don't want to disappoint CEF), F15, JF17, Mirage, SU27, Kuznetsov based SU33, Mig21, L39, Mi8, Ka50, Uh-1H, Harrier, A10, Viggen, F5, Gazelle, Mig29, SU25T and provisions for the Hind and F15E.
  12. Hi CW4.. It uses the NTTR map. Your paths look correct. I'm not sure why its not showing up. Can you find the first mission in ME and fly the mission from ME?
  13. You must be talking about the 1st version of this. This is actually the 4th revision of the AA assests. Lol I wanted it to be challenging but still fun and rewarding. Those with a keen eye would already see that there are 3 key SAM sites. Take those 3 out and you would have a clear alley from Israel to Turkey.
  14. Hi Guys, All the AA assests for the Syria Campaign is done. Most of the Red static units are already done as well. I know how this looks. But there is a buffer zone where you are safe unless you are right next to a SAM site. I've flown from Ramat David all the way to Hayat in a M2000 without even a single SAM being fired at me. I'll just finish the Blue assest and fiddle around with the campaign triggers. Since I intend this to have a moving frontline of sorts, where you transfer to an airfield closer to the front.
  15. Hi.. Nope other than the Afghan Bear Trap, everything uses the same engine as Miguel's and Cef's. On the loadouts, you would need to tweak the Firepower and Capability to get missions assigned for the Mirage. Also for this specific campaign, MBot did a good job at balancing the amount of ready units from what is needed. So you would need to adjust this as well in both OOB and camp triggers.
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