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  1. Sorry, should have mentioned. Yes, I have done that already. GPU drivers are 471.11, installed via DDU in safe mode. I’m going to remove the Hind from my products and see if it changes anything with Syria. EDIT** So brain farted.. I didn't rename/delete my saved games folder as one of the potential fixes. Did that and added my Input folder back in and everything is buttery smooth again. I reinstalled the Hind as well. Still a few instances of tearing with the Hind, but for the most part I would say 95% better. I'll chalk that up to a WIP module. Zero issues with any other aircraft. So what ever was the issue, seems to have been dealt with. Thanks for your initial investigations.
  2. Regardless of how the above is set up (had some issues swapping SSD's over to new computer), this had never affected DCS or any other games/programs before the Cyprus update or Hind release.
  3. Here you go.. AllocatedBaseSize=32768 CurrentUsage=0 Description=C:\pagefile.sys InstallDate=20210331221535.490123-240 Name=C:\pagefile.sys PeakUsage=1 Status= TempPageFile=FALSE My W10 is on C (SSD), D is random programs (HDD), E is other games (SSD), and F is my dedicated DCS drive..
  4. Just going to report this lol.. Went to land on a cliff with a Gazelle and right through. Then fly through it in a Hornet to verify.. Kept on going.
  5. Carried from another thread. Since updating (now 2.7.3) Syria has been almost unplayable with the Hind with heavy stuttering and tearing. With other aircraft (tried all the modules I own) it is very much reduced, but still happens every so often. With other maps, everything is perfect with a solid 36 FPS per eye with my Quest 2 set at 72Hz (2070 Super) with any aircraft, including the Hind. I've done everything as suggested in other threads (pagefile, FXO/metashaders2, xBox DVR etc..) I was having sound stutters too, but did a factory reset on my headset and that solved those, but unfortunately not the tearing. I had zero issues before the last update (Cyprus release) and 2.7.3 today. Running resource manager shows nothing that I can see out of the ordinary.. Any ideas? Syria.miz dcs.log DxDiag.txt
  6. I checked out my DCS log and had lots of errors regarding the shader folder folder from what I can assume is remnants from the VR Shader mod. Deleted the shaders folder, FXO and metashaders2, then rebuilt the install. Gonna fire up and see how things work now before posting logs.
  7. I’m experiencing it too.. I’ll attach logs files tomorrow after work to this post.
  8. Oops.. Just realized this is in the wrong section.. Maybe a Mod can move it..? So retested the cable. 2.5 Ghz.. Nothing out of the ordinary. I think I've narrowed it down to a combination of the Hind and the Syria map. Hind on any map but Syria, works fine, nice and smooth. Any A/C on Syria and the tearing starts, but much much less that with the hind. So I deleted Syria, cleaned DCS, reinstalled Syria and repaired DCS. Much less tearing, but still there. Watched my memory use as well.. I have 32Gb and with both the Hind and Syria up and running, 15Gb of memory used. Syria and other A/C, between 9 an 12 Gb. Any other map, less than 8Gb with any A/C combination. Redid my pagefile as well, for some reason it was set at 4000mb.. Regardless, I guess I'll just wait until the Hind is more optimized before I commit to it unless someone else has ideas..
  9. I'm getting massive screen tearing all of a sudden with DCS, current Beta. I recently moved, and once settled, fired up DCS, updated, and got the Hind on free trial. For the update, I used DCS with a full repair first, then the update to current version. Then I updated my 2070 Super to nVidia 471.11 as people were saying it was much smoother. Did this using the proper safe-mode DDU way. Clean profile on driver install, nothing set in nVidia control panel. Also tried with two previous version drivers. Prior to this I was using 469.77 (I believe). IT ran great for like 3 minutes, super smooth and then it seemed to just $hit the bed.. Quest 2 is fully updated, using link cable, 72Hz at 1.0 resolution. I have Oculus Tray Tool set up as well, but issue doesn't change if it's running or not. Zero mods, Link cable swapped with spare. Deleted FXO and the other folder (forgot name). In game setting are rather mild. MSAA x 2 (no issue before) AF x 4. So basically I am for some reason I am getting massive screen tearing when I rotate my head. Any map, any aircraft. This never happened before and previously with my set up (and old GPU), I was getting a constant 32-36 FPS with OTT setting (SS at 1.4 BTW). I've got 32 Gb ram, and have never seen DCS use over 12Gb (building new VR Shaders), and typically maxes at 8Gb on Syria map. Is anyone else getting this or have any suggestions to try?
  10. Spetz


    Weird.. installed 471.11 via a full DDU removal, restart and then install, took the Hind out on Cyprus, and while it was much smoother overall, I’m getting what I can only describe as a combination between screen tearing and projecting a 2nd frame when move my head fast in VR. Like a extremely fast flash of another frame when turning my head. Very minor stuttering at that point. I have only Max Performance set on nVidia control panel. No other settings have changed since last GPU update. No change between having OTT running or not. ideas? Edit** redid the drivers a few times (DDU in safe mode), deleted FXO and metashaders2. Ran with VR Shaders mod on and off.. nothing changed. Pretty bad screen tearing. Went back to 466.79 (hotfix driver) and tearing gone. Must be something with my 2070 Super and that driver. They just don’t like each other.. weird..
  11. FYI, one of the latest nVidia GPU drivers was crap. 466.51 maybe? They actually released a hot fix for it. I installed the bad one, had massive screen tearing, crap performance etc.. used DDU in safe mode, removed and redid the new hotfix version and sorted it all out. I believe 466.55 is the new, good one.
  12. Same. no TacView though.. Joining a server with about a 16 ping rate, starts out fine (VR), with my usual 45+ FPS, then begins to progressively go down after about 20 minutes. I usually exit when it gets to about 12 FPS and completely unflyable.
  13. Ha! Just jumped back in the Harrier after flying the Hornet for ages, relearning the first module I truly enjoyed getting in to.. Burst out laughing after Training Mission 02 (start Up), after you complete the lesson but don't quit... Never stayed that long before in cockpit afterwards.. "...study sim.." Thanks for the laugh!
  14. Thanks for the heads up. Just checked my beta tab and that air link option isn't there yet, so I guess it hasn't been released yet. I think I'll wait for that instead of dropping $$ on the app.. Cheers
  15. Mind letting us know how you got it to work wirelessly? Any bandwidth lagging at all? I love the Quest 2, but that wire...jeebus...
  16. 84Gb...I think you're right. I likely read it wrong That does seem big eh?
  17. Just noticed it too.. had my Quest 2 at 1.0 in graphics settings in device setup since the update but had to bump it up to 1.4 just to get some clarity back again, costing a few FPS.
  18. And my DCS Log. With these setting I'm getting a constant 45 FPS per eye, high and low. Edit ** And before I upgraded, I removed all OvGME mods, deleted FXO and Metashaders 2, repaired via DCSUpdater. Hope it helps.. Oh, and one thing I noticed. At least on my PC.. MSAA on in game, most textures do not load. No land, almost black cockpit etc. Turn it off and it's good to go. Weird.. dcs.log
  19. I think I've got mine set a .500 (half way on the slider anyway), but anyone have what they can recommend for a Quest 2? Going to play around with it more tonight regardless. What about having a running thread for different VR mask sizes that have the best FPS increase?
  20. I'm confident it will get sorted in time.. But still overall a better effect for me despite the lack of contrast. Last night was the first time I've actually ever gotten disoriented in the clouds up high. Was kinda fun! Then went low into a bowl in the mountains with low cloud on the Caucasus map, damn near cratered the side of the opposite mountain wondering why my ground search radar wasn't penetrating the cloud cover lol
  21. Mine was 84GB.. Thank f$%k for gigabyte fibre connection.. took about 15 mins total for DL and install
  22. Forest Detail - From my tests, paused in my Hornet above a forest, looking down, it simply changes the detail, slight increase to amount and fullness of trees. Didn’t see any FPS hits on either minimum or maximum. Up high, can’t see the detail change. It did not change visibility distance of trees and that’s a different slider. Scenery Detail - same test. It changes some building shapes from smaller to a bit bigger, either adds or removes detail such as roof top A/C units, and adds or removes building side details such as brick work or fencing. Also saw a few shadow detail changes. No FPS hit noted between full left or right. Oh, and changes airfield antennas from actual antennas beside vehicles on high, to red and white safety columns on low.
  23. Will do tomorrow after work. I’ll take screenings and post here. If anything, with higher settings today, I actually gained. Saw consistent 42 FPS per eye over Syria.
  24. lol.. absolutely not ED's responsibility... If you can afford "everything DCS".. then spend $100 for a new SSD.. I use a dedicated 1TB for my install (870 Evo on sale for like $110)
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